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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Signatory category and services

OO 03. Signatory category and services

03.1. Indicate which of the following categories reflect your core offering or main business activity:

          Independent placement agent, raising capital for real estate, infrastructure funds, credit and private equity

03.2. Indicate any other business activities that your organisation offers. Indicate whether you wish to report on these business areas.

03.3. Attach a graph showing a breakdown of your business activities. [OPTIONAL]

03.4. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


OO 04. Other offerings/business activities

04.1. Please describe your core offering or main business activity.

Threadmark raises capital for fund managers with innovative strategies across real estate, private equity, credit and infrastructure. We represent managers that seek to unlock value through a differentiated approach to investment. This may include opportunities in emerging sectors, as well as disruptive strategies in established markets.

Threadmark strives to add value in every aspect of its services. We typically provide access to transformative capital; whether it is helping an established manager access a new investor base, helping a developing manager make the next big step in growing their platform, or helping a manager raise capital for a new strategy.

Threadmark has offices in the UK and US and therefore have access to a broad range of investor relationships across these locations. In raising capital, we are able to specifically identify investors that will have interest that specific strategies.