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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Signatory category and services

OO 03. Signatory category and services

03.1. Indicate which of the following categories reflect your core offering or main business activity:

          Services are focused on governance services for assets contained in, or being contributed to, securitizations, whole loan pools, and other diligence and advisory services.

03.2. Indicate any other business activities that your organisation offers. Indicate whether you wish to report on these business areas.

03.3. Attach a graph showing a breakdown of your business activities. [OPTIONAL]

03.4. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


OO 04. Other offerings/business activities

04.1. Please describe your core offering or main business activity.

For decades, we have been advising the US government on matters related to financial system stability. As such, this role often cause us to respond to new ‘sparks’ as they arise. In general, we provide bespoke auditing of distressed institutions and the financial instruments they make. The fact that those enterprises are stressed and the government is involved is a possible sign of poor governance processes prior to the sparking-event. As a firm that focuses on repairing governance flaws, we have a front seat on the governance flaws of the day.

Our offerings are always evolving and being customized from assignment to assignment.  It is highly likely that future assignments will have iterations of governance functions yet to be described herein.  We have also provided advisory roles on behalf of numerous financial institutions and government services entities where we have served in audit-related roles to focus upon specific compliance matters of mortgage loan servicers and originators. 

Pentalpha staff are active speakers on governance issues within the fixed income conference circuit. We actively promote good governance. Additionally, the rating agencies often seek our input.