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Service Providers Framework 2020

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INDEFI is an independent strategy advisor for the investment management business in Europe. Our clients are asset managers, private asset investors and their portfolio companies.

Our focus on top line growth in one industry, the use of our own field research and our consultant skill diversity form the bedrock of our consulting philosophy. This gives us an unparalleled vantage point from which we aim to serve our clients with differentiated insights and actionable advice. We tell the truth as we see it, we will go against the grain when needed and we challenge our clients to enable them to achieve their development goals and build competitive advantage.

Our advisory services include:

  • The definition of competitive and sustainable business strategies for investment managers. This offer also includes market research analysis and ESG/Impact/climate strategies.
  • The analysis of investment opportunities and monitoring for private market investors and portfolio companies. This offer includes Sustainability/ESG due diligences (for both acquirers and vendors) and Sustainability/ESG portfolio reviews.

In 2010, we established a dedicated ESG advisory practice to help our clients in the definition and the implementation of responsible strategies. ESG as a unique focus or as a component of our broader strategy advice currently represents over 60% of all client work.

In 2019, we worked on a deeper integration of Sustainability/ESG across our business lines and have now a track record in providing consulting services combining both strategic due diligence and Sustainability/ESG due diligence.

In addition, we actively promote the Principles for Responsible Investment by encouraging our clients to sign and implement them as well as to provide and disclose PRI reports.