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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Signatory category and services

OO 03. Signatory category and services

03.1. Indicate which of the following categories reflect your core offering or main business activity:

          Administration Services

03.2. Indicate any other business activities that your organisation offers. Indicate whether you wish to report on these business areas.

Active Ownership Services

03.3. Attach a graph showing a breakdown of your business activities. [OPTIONAL]

03.4. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


OO 04. Other offerings/business activities

04.1. Please describe your core offering or main business activity.

As an asset pooling platform, we provide our institutional clients with the highest possible level of efficiency. For example Master KVG or Investment AG create transparency and facilitate comprehensive risk management as a result. All assets, including alternative asset classes such as real assets, private equity and commodities, are condensed in customised reports.

Institutional investors are additionally able to draw on the rule-based asset management offered by Universal-Investment and its team of specialised portfolio managers. Through the use of options such as passive special funds, tailored, lower-cost ETF alternatives can be created. With the help of our integrated platform, we also offer smart beta products or guaranteed-value solutions as well as opportunity- and risk-focused overlay management concepts to manage risks across all assets.

Our innovative web-based reporting platform PowerPortal delivers sophisticated risk reports and detailed performance analyses, allowing market risks to be pinpointed more quickly and risk budgets to be optimally exploited. This complete level of transparency gives investors the 360° view they need to react to any market situation.

Pioneer in private label funds

Universal-Investment has been launching private label funds as mutual funds since 1970. This track record makes us one of the driving forces behind independent asset management. As a result of this long experience, we have acquired a broad range of knowledge regarding the administrative, technical and legal features of private label funds, and stand for the highest level of quality and transparency. As the central platform for independent asset management, Universal-Investment currently administers 625 mutual funds and structures with a volume of around EUR 35 billion. Universal-Investment combines the investment expertise of successful wealth managers, prestigious private banks, international asset managers and leading investment boutiques into a unique collection of top-class private label funds. The hallmark of Universal-Investment is the absence of a ‘house philosophy’.

Investors are therefore able to select from a vast range of mutual funds that use the widest array of investment philosophies and styles, depending on the market situation, risk appetite and investment objectives. Our comprehensive advice and support limit our fund partners’ own efforts and enable them to directly reach their goals. Our sales, marketing and communication experts also help clients to strengthen their long-term positioning in the market.

Universal-Investment also provides fund partners and investors with a separate platform for mutual funds that employ alternative investment strategies under the UCITS umbrella. This platform is one of Europe’s largest bundling of successful alternatives managers from around the world. Currently, around 65 funds with a volume of EUR 6 billion are administered through this platform. Our extensive administration expertise ensures that these alternative investment strategies are implemented appropriately.

Engineers of complex investment structures

As a complement to our expertise in administration and risk management, institutional investors are increasingly asking us to assist them in the construction and structuring of complex individual capital investments, particularly also in the area of alternative investments such as hedge fund strategies, real assets that include infrastructure or renewables, private equity or real estate shareholdings. Thanks to our locations in Germany and Luxembourg, our proprietary securitisation platform and licence to act as an AIF management company, Universal-Investment is able to offer customised investment structures for all investor needs.