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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Active ownership services

AOS 01. Engagement and/or voting offerings

01.1. Indicate which active ownership services are part of your business offerings. Tick all that apply.

01.2. Indicate which markets your organisation covers.

01.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

          In 2019 UI only exercised the voting right from shares of domestic companies by itself. Voting rights are exercised with respect to foreign assets only if the high cost and/or effort associated with doing so is justified.

AOS 02. Acquiring ESG data and information

02.1. Indicate where you acquire your ESG data and information.

          IVOX Glass Lewis

02.2. Describe how this information is used in your product/service offerings.

          We use IVOX Glass Lewis for analyses and recommendations. The criteria used by IVOX GL for the analysis are coordinated with the BVI.

02.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


AOS 03. Identifying emerging ESG issues (Private)