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Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

Service Providers Framework 2020

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IC 13. Manager selection activities

13.1. Indicate what activities you undertake during the process of selecting a manager.

Research and screening


ESG people/oversight

Process/portfolio construction

Selection process and reviewing documentation

          See additional information.

13.2. Indicate whether you use any of the following scores or targets in your manager selection process.

13.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Any selection process takes account of the scores and qualitative comments developed during our investment manager research, including those relating to RI. Additional weight can be given to ESG/RI as part of the selection criteria based on the client's specific requirements, eg by specifying minimum RI standards that a manager must meet for inclusion in a shortlist.

In our manager research, we assign a responsible investment score between 1 (weak) and 4 (strong) for each manager, covering both their ESG and stewardship practices, adjusting the score for individual funds as appropriate. We incorporate this score in our overall product grading for most asset classes, directly impacting whether products are recommended to clients.