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Sustainability Excellence Management Consulting Ltd.

Service Providers Framework 2020

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United Arab Emirates

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10 FTE

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Sustainability Excellence is a recognized leader in sustainability advisory services, sustainability reporting, and ESG ratings assessment services in the Arab world. 

Sustainability Excellence operates four distinct divisions:

1. ESG Invest - independent ESG rating division of Sustainability Excellence - provides investors with ESG rating reports, scores, and ratings on more than 700 companies in the Middle East. ESG Invest analyses companies in the Middle East based on their ESG performance on 43 criteria spanning more than 146 KPIs that are customised by sector. Our ESG reports, scores, and percentile rankings are available for direct download via our client dashboard at . ESG Invest research reports are available in the Bloomberg Terminal. 

2. Sustainability Excellence Advisory division is a leading provider of sustainability strategy, implementation, impact, and sustainability reporting services. Our Advisory team works with many of the Middle East's most influential companies, governments, cities and foundations to help them lead, innovate, and outperform. Our clients have a demonstrated track record of successfully leveraging sustainability opportunities to achieve corporate, organizational and national competitive advantages, and regularly win prestigious awards and recognition. Our services range from rapid assessments designed to identify the most critical sustainability risks and opportunities, to ongoing multi-year partnerships with our most ambitious clients. We offer offer comprehensive services to support Banks and companies build their Sustainable Finance programmes including the issuance of Green/Social/Sustainability/SDGs Bonds, the Equator Principles, and the overall integration of ESG factors in lending activities. For more information, please visit is an open, online platform with the most up-to-date database of organisational sustainability performance in the region. The aim of the platform is to provide a real-time digital flow of sustainability data from companies, directly to data users such as investors, media, rating agencies, NGO’s, researchers, government entities and the public. Our platform liberates data currently stuck in PDF reports and provide a simple, easy-to-use platform for those not currently reporting to start reporting their sustainability performance. ArabSustainability also support stock exchanges promote ESG disclosure among their listed companies. For more information, please visit 

4. Middle East Sustainable Investment Forum: The Middle East SIF convenes a movement among forward-thinkers to work together, share experiences, and drive the integration of sustainability into the financial systems across the Middle East. The Middle East SIF is a major contribution to regional national visions and transformation plans that aim to promote sound financial markets and achieve a balance between economic and social development. For more information, please visit