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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Signatory category and services

OO 03. Signatory category and services

03.1. Indicate which of the following categories reflect your core offering or main business activity:

03.2. Indicate any other business activities that your organisation offers. Indicate whether you wish to report on these business areas.

          Sustainable fund analysis: Our proprietary fund database includes an exhaustive range of ESG and impact investment solutions in all asset classes

03.3. Attach a graph showing a breakdown of your business activities. [OPTIONAL]

03.4. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


OO 04. Other offerings/business activities

04.3. Please describe your non-core offering or business activity.

Sustainable Fund analysis: our proprietary fund database combines an exhaustive range of ESG and impact investment solutions in all asset classes. A large set of qualitative and quantitative filters enables us to identify the best opportunities for each investor. Each fund is categorized according to its sustainability style and rated accordingly.  A quantitative screening based on risk and alpha factors enables us to focus on the best opportunities. 

As our evaluation process is based on two steps :

1) a qualitative analysis to evaluate the investment proces:  the quality of the external fund’s management team, and the sustainability track record of its portfolio. Each fund is then given a qualitative rating. The qualitative analysis is based on: publicly-available responsible investment reports including engagement and voting reports, Eurosif Transparency guidelines, as well as one to one meetings, etc.;

2) a quantitative assessment to check the ESG quality of the portfolio underlyings. We use our internal expertise & know-how for the first analysis and we gather multiple ESG external sources & investors’ opinions for the quantitative assessment.The holdings are assessed through our ESG consensus® tool which provides information on the overall ESG quality of the portfolio, potential exposure to major controversies and positive impact measurement.