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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Type of reporting and assurance

REP 01. Product type

01.1. Indicate the type of reporting that you prepare on behalf of clients. Tick all that apply.

01.2. Indicate whether your services include any variety of third party assurance or certification/labelling scheme of clients’ ESG/RI data, processes or products.

01.3. Indicate the type of assurance or certification/labelling scheme services that you provide.

01.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Our tools - innovative sustainability assessment

In response to the significant expansion in the market for sustainable investment, and therefore the increasing need for data, there is a large and growing number of ESG ratings, rankings, indexes and sustainable funds. These offer the market a rich pool of sustainability information, each looking at the three factors – environment, sustainability and governance – through different lenses.

With so many options, investors are however hard pressed to decide which solutions merit their attention and meet their decision-making needs. When two ESG ratings offer different results for an investment, what does that mean for the investment?  In addition, reading complex sustainability reports and translating them into investment decisions can be challenging.

Our role - Independent ESG Verifier

The market transformation towards sustainable finance offers significant opportunities for the financial industry. As the independent ESG verifier, Conser role is to facilitate the transactions between Asset managers and Asset owners, by providing key information for both parties; to improve the service on one side and to strengthen the ability to measure the effectiveness of the service on the other side. 

  • Asset owners: need for independent and neutral ESG monitoring of investments
  • Asset managers: need for independent ESG certification

Conser’s differentiating methodology

Conser is able to help, combining multiple ESG sources and asset manager opinions to offer an aggregated market-view. Combining the different sources opens the way for a multi-ESG view on investment positions.

ESG Consensus®

In response to the multitude of different ESG ratings, rankings, indexes and funds, Conser developed the ESG Consensus®. This innovative tool is based on multiple independent and recognized ESG sources; Conser includes not only a variety of ESG ratings, but also the wisdom of the investors and the wisdom of the public.
The selection is based on the extensive experience in analyzing ESG investments and research.

  • Wisdom of experts: aggregation of in-house expertise and data-points from ESG agencies
  • Wisdom of investors: reverse engineering and analysis of the leading sustainable funds
  • Wisdom of the public: use of public information regarding positive and negative ESG impact of enterprises

Portfolio Check

Based on its 10-year track record as the leading sustainable advisor of institutional investors and asset managers in Switzerland, Conser creates a thorough and easy-to-read sustainable report for a portfolio or fund.

The Portfolio Check outlines the critical sustainability issues of a portfolio. All investments are screened based on their ESG Consensus® scores, their exposure to serious controversies as well as exposure to positive or negative sustainable themes.

The final grade summarizes the weighted-average ESG Consensus® scores for the portfolio and its relative positioning to major indices. Furthermore, the report identifies whether investments are exposed, for example, to human rights violation, environmental damage or sensitive activities.