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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Reporting frameworks/standards/guidelines

REP 02. Reporting frameworks/standards/guidelines

02.1. Indicate what reporting frameworks/ standards/ guidelines you typically use when preparing reports for clients. Tick all that apply.

          The Conser Sustainability Portfolio Check which is based on multiple ESG sources and above international standards

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

ESG Consensus®

In response to the multitude of different ESG ratings, rankings, indexes and funds, Conser developed the ESG Consensus®. This innovative tool is based on multiple independent and recognized ESG sources; Conser includes not only a variety of ESG ratings, but also the wisdom of the investors and the wisdom of the public.
The selection is based on the extensive experience in analyzing ESG investments and research.

  • Wisdom of experts: aggregation of in-house expertise and data-points from ESG agencies
  • Wisdom of investors: reverse engineering and analysis of the leading sustainable funds
  • Wisdom of the public: use of public information regarding positive and negative ESG impact of enterprises