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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Assurance standards and assuring ESG

REP 05. Assuring ESG

05.1. List the standards and certifications that have an ESG/RI component, that you typically use to assure client organisations’ reporting data/processes or products against.

          The Sustainability Portfolio Check based on our ESG Consensus®

05.2. Describe how clients’ RI/ESG data and/or processes are assured.

          The Sustainability Portfolio Check is a tool for monitoring the ESG risks of investments. A one-page document visually describes the critical sustainability issues of a portfolio. All holdings are screened based on their ESG Consensus® and their exposure to serious controversies and ESG impacts. The final grade summarises the weighted-average quality of the portfolio and its relative positioning. Furthermore, the report shows at a glance whether investments are exposed to, for example, “human rights violation,” “environmental damage,” or other sensitive activities.

05.3. Describe any differences in the process of assuring ESG/RI information as compared to other information.

          The ESG Consensus® methodology provides a representative market perception of an investment’s sustainability risk. The assessment is based on multiple recognized ESG sources. It determines the average and the convergence of these independent ESG opinions in order to guarantee reliable and unbiased results.

05.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]