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Conser Invest

Service Providers Framework 2020

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Policy on ESG beliefs

SG 01. Responsible investment policy

01.1. Describe how your organisation’s philosophy incorporates environmental, social and governance factors, and the link to your business offerings.

Conser is a Swiss investment advisory firm that is 100% dedicated to responsible investment.  

Conser mission is to provide added value to institutional investors by defining, implementing and verifying ESG investments through cutting-edge technology.

In 2018, Conser made a complete reorientation of its activity to become a digital service provider and an ESG investment verifier. The company has developed a unique and innovative ESG digital tool to assess portfolio sustainability profile. The systematic and automated methodology is based on a meta-analysis of multiple ESG sources based on implicit opinions of rating agencies and sustainable asset managers.

Our independent structure and open architecture guarantee that there are no conflicts of interest, and that our clients’ interests will be at the centre of our decision-making.

01.2. Indicate whether you have policies that formalise the incorporation of your ESG beliefs in your business offerings.

01.3. Indicate the components/types of your internal policy and provide the URL and/or an attachment of the document/s if they are publicly available.

Policy components/types

Public availability

01.4. Indicate how these are put into practice internally across the organisation.

          The founders and partners of Conser are all long-time experts in ESG/ sustainable finance. They remain up to date on developments in the field.

01.5. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

SG 02. Norms used to develop policies

02.1. Indicate what frameworks and guidelines you have used to develop your organisation’s policies. Tick all that apply.

          Co-founder and member of Sustainable Finance Geneva
Co-founder and member of Swiss Sustainable Finance
Signatory of CDP
B-Corp certification started in 2016

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Conser is involved in several RI initiatives.

founding members of Sustainable Finance Geneva, an association that establishes Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance.
founding members of Swiss Sustainable Finance whose role is to strengthen the position of Switzerland in the global marketplace for sustainable finance by informing, educating and catalysing growth
signatory of the Principle for Responsible Investing (PRI)
signatory of the Carbon Disclosure Project a global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts and for investors or purchasers to access environmental information for use in financial decisions.

certified B Corporation, part of a community companies using the power of business to alleviate poverty, to address climate changes, and to build strong local communities and great places to work.

SG 03. Policy offerings to clients

03.1. Indicate whether you offer standard, off the shelf, policies to clients as part of your product offerings, and/or whether you create tailored versions for individual clients.

Off the shelf
Asset class-specific RI guidelines
Sector-specific RI guidelines
Screening/exclusions policy
Engagement policy
(Proxy) voting policy
RI guidelines set out within the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
RI guidelines set out in a freestanding RI policy
Multi-year RI implementation project plan
Conflict of interest management policy
Stockbroker allocation policy
Securities lending policy
Other, please specify (1)
Other, please specify (2)
Other, please specify (3)
None of the above

03.2. Provide a brief description of the key elements, any variations, or exceptions applying to these policies.

Our team of consultants offers a complete understanding of ESG and impact investing. We help our client to define and adapt his investment process to achieve both financial returns and positive impact. We use our proprietary Value Mapping tool to establish a sustainable investment policy. Our ESG Consensus® and Portfolio Check tools will provide an initial sustainability assessment of the existing portfolio and help to clarify milestones for a progressive transformation towards more positive impact. Finally using our proprietary database of SRI solutions/funds, we can help investors to define the most appropriate investment universe

03.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 04. ESG/RI in business offerings

04.1. Briefly describe how you include ESG/RI factors as part of your business offerings.

Business area


How you include ESG/RI factors

The Sustainability Portfolio Check is the ultimate tool for monitoring the ESG risks of investments. A one-page document visually describes the critical sustainability issues of a portfolio. All holdings are screened based on their ESG Consensus® and their exposure to serious controversies and ESG impacts. The final grade summarises the weighted-average quality of the portfolio and its relative positioning. Furthermore, the report shows at a glance whether investments are exposed to, for example, “human rights violation,” “environmental damage,” or other sensitive activities. Anyone can download a sample portfolio check on our website

Investment Consultancy

How you include ESG/RI factors

Our investment team advises the client on constructing a portfolio that will maximise both performance and positive impact, making use of the wide array of ESG and impact investing approaches and solutions now available. His asset allocation and impact objectives will determine a customised universe of compliant securities, or the best funds tailored to his preferences. We have developed a specific fund selection process that evaluate the expertise of the external fund management team and assesses the entire process, from development of the initial investment policy to the ESG quality check of the holdings.

Other, specify (3)

          Sustainable Fund analysis and selection

How you include ESG/RI factors

Our proprietary fund database combines an exhaustive range of ESG and impact investment solutions in all asset classes. A large set of qualitative and quantitative filters enables us to identify the best opportunities for each investor. Each fund is categorized according to its sustainability style and rated accordingly. The fund analysts assess the investment process, the quality of the external fund’s management team, and the sustainability track record of its portfolio. Each fund is then given a qualitative rating. A quantitative screening based on risk and alpha factors enables us to focus on the best opportunities. A thorough due diligence is then conducted, which includes meeting with the fund’s management team.

04.2. Indicate the roles in your organisation, and indicate for each whether they have oversight and/or implementation responsibilities for ESG/RI within the organisation.

Roles present in your organisation
Oversight/accountability for ESG/RI
Implementation of ESG/RI
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Other chief-level staff
Other heads of department
Dedicated ESG/RI staff
Other role, specify (1)
Other role, specify (2)
Other role, specify (3)
None of the above

04.3. Indicate how you ensure ESG/RI expertise for the roles where there are RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities.

04.4. Indicate whether your organisation has any ESG/RI linked incentives for its employees.

04.6. Describe how you ensure that your employees incorporate ESG/RI into services through other mechanisms than ESG/RI linked incentives.

Beeing an investment advisor entirely focused on sustainable finance & responsible investment our full busniess is related to ESG/RI process. By working at Conser, our employees are fully commited to this topic.

04.7. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

SG 05. Outsourcing of services

05.1. Indicate whether you outsource some of your services. Report percentage of services outsourced as percentage for that specific business area.

Business area

SG 06. Providing training/education

06.1. Indicate whether you provide training/educational services on ESG/RI. Tick all that apply.

06.2. Describe the main components of your training/educational services on ESG/RI and any variations depending on the group you provide training/education to.

  • Introduction on Sustainable finance (Market review / Good practices and regulatory context)
  • Myths related to sustainable finance?
  • Analysis of ESG criteria
    2.1 Examples of ESG metrics
    2.2 Dealing with ESG controversies
    2.3 Active participation (voting, commitment)
    2.4 ESG Integration 
  • Products and services related to sustainable finance
    3.1 Traditional asset classes (equities, bonds, real estate, private equity)
    3.3 Specific classes (thematic funds, microfinance and impact funds, green bonds, social impact bonds),
    3.4 Allocation 
    3.5 Update on financial performance  
  • Case Study

06.3. Describe whether these training/educational services include any commercial elements.

          The training is often included in our basic advisory offer.

06.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 07. Applying, advancing and promoting the PRI principles

07.1. Describe how your organisation applies, advances and promotes the PRI Principles.

By its intensive involvement for sustainable finance in Switzerland and through its advisory services, Conser promotes systematically the PRI intitiative - most of our Bank clients are a PRI signatory.

07.2. Highlight whether there are any ways that your organisation would like to engage further with the PRI. [OPTIONAL]

SG 08. Actions taken to promote responsible investment

08.1. Indicate which of the following actions your organisation has taken to promote responsible investments during the reporting year, independently of collaborative initiatives.

          Contribute to the set up and teaching of a master in Sustainable Finance in Lausanne (BSL)

08.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 09. Long term trends

09.1. Indicate which of the following long-term trends are addressed in your product outputs.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Through our sustainable fund analysis and selection. Conser seeks and analyses thematic investment opportunities linked to demographic. This is a specific investment thema proposed to clients.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Through our sustainable fund analysis and selection. Conser seeks and analyses thematic investment opportunities linked to climate change. This is a specific investment thema proposed to clients.

Our ESG portfolio Check evaluates the cabon intensity of investments and their positive exposure to clean technologies / water / etc.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Through our sustainable fund analysis and selection. Conser seeks and analyses thematic investment opportunities linked to resources. This is a specific investment thema proposed to clients.

Our ESG portfolio Check measures exposure to impact funds

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Through our sustainable fund analysis and selection. Conser seeks and analyses thematic investment opportunities linked to clean technologies. This is a specific investment thema proposed to clients.

          Access to financial services.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Conser had developed capacities in the analysis of microfinance funds and other investment solutions linked to access to financial services.

SG 10. Interaction with asset owners

10.1. Indicate whether you interact with asset owner clients.

10.2. Indicate the typical frequency and type of interactions with your asset owner clients.

Type of interaction





10.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 11. Aligning approach with investor goals

11.1. Describe how you typically align your organisation’s philosophy and approach to ESG/RI with your investor clients’ goals.

The full Conser team is dedicated to promote sustainable finance / responsible investment Certification BeCorp / Founding member of Sustainable Finance Geneva and Swiss Sustainable Finance

11.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 12. ESG recommendations not aligned with investor goals

12.1. Describe what steps you take, if any, when your ESG recommendations are not in line with your investor clients’ goals.

12.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

As Conser is dedicated to support  clients to define and implement their ESG strategy, we are by definition in line with investors' goals

SG 13. Seeking feedback from clients

13.1. Indicate whether you seek feedback from clients on your RI/ESG services and product offerings

13.2. Describe how you use this feedback in your RI/ESG services and product offerings.

Ongoing dialogue is in place with our clients to adapt our offer and services to their needs - 100% focused on ESG solutions.

Most of the time, we present our propositions to the board of asset owners, and therefore we receive and discuss feedback directly with our clients.

SG 14. Managing conflicts of interest

14.1. Indicate whether your organisation has a policy for managing potential conflicts of interest.

14.2. Describe how you manage potential conflicts of interest.

The B Lab certification is a third party standard requiring companies to meet social sustainability and environmental performance standards, meet accountability standards, and to be transparent to the public according to the score they receive on the assessment. B Lab certification applies to the whole company across all product lines and issue areas. For-profits of all legal business structures are eligible for certification.

Conser is certified Becorp - All partners are personnally responsible for the respect of this commitment.

14.3. Describe how you ensure that company employees do not derive any personal gain from the use of information collected during your work process.

All partners are responsible for the respect of the codes and as Conser operates through consulting on process, reporting, investment universes, we have not identified situations where such risks could occur. 

NDAs are systematically signed to assure our customers of confidential and exclusive use of their data.

14.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]