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EBG Investment Solutions AG

Service Providers Framework 2020

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Policy on ESG beliefs

SG 01. Responsible investment policy

01.1. Describe how your organisation’s philosophy incorporates environmental, social and governance factors, and the link to your business offerings.

We are a specialist advisor focusing on Sustainable Investment in Private Markets. Our differentiated offering if compared to more generalist and larger asset managers consists exactly in promoting sustainable investments as a sound basis for the creation of long-term asset value.

01.2. Indicate whether you have policies that formalise the incorporation of your ESG beliefs in your business offerings.

01.3. Indicate the components/types of your internal policy and provide the URL and/or an attachment of the document/s if they are publicly available.

Policy components/types

Public availability

Public availability

          With over 50 years of experience in sustainability Finance/Investing we have a solid knowledge base to permanently embed sustainability factors into the assessment process.

Public availability

01.4. Indicate how these are put into practice internally across the organisation.

01.5. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

SG 02. Norms used to develop policies

02.1. Indicate what frameworks and guidelines you have used to develop your organisation’s policies. Tick all that apply.

          With over 50 years of experience in sustainability Finance/ Investing we have a solid knowledge base to permanently embed sustainability factors into the assessment process.

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 03. Policy offerings to clients

03.1. Indicate whether you offer standard, off the shelf, policies to clients as part of your product offerings, and/or whether you create tailored versions for individual clients.

Off the shelf
Asset class-specific RI guidelines
Sector-specific RI guidelines
Screening/exclusions policy
Engagement policy
(Proxy) voting policy
RI guidelines set out within the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
RI guidelines set out in a freestanding RI policy
Multi-year RI implementation project plan
Conflict of interest management policy
Stockbroker allocation policy
Securities lending policy
Other, please specify (1)
Other, please specify (2)
Other, please specify (3)
None of the above

03.2. Provide a brief description of the key elements, any variations, or exceptions applying to these policies.

As an advisor focusing on sustainable investments the recommendation of potential targets is dependent on meeting our elaborated sustainable framework by GPs.

03.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 04. ESG/RI in business offerings

04.1. Briefly describe how you include ESG/RI factors as part of your business offerings.

Business area

Investment Consultancy

How you include ESG/RI factors

->We have a dedicated section in our commercial due dilligence report focusing on sustainability and impact. 

-> Sustainability and Impact criteria are deeply routed into our return and risk analysis, as we only focus on investments where S&I is the main driver for value but also for mitigating risks. We focus primarily on positive impact criteria that drive the businesses or assets. 

->Each potential manager has to meet our ESG/RI key criteria before submitting an investment proposal to our clients. 


04.2. Indicate the roles in your organisation, and indicate for each whether they have oversight and/or implementation responsibilities for ESG/RI within the organisation.

Roles present in your organisation
Oversight/accountability for ESG/RI
Implementation of ESG/RI
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Other chief-level staff

Please specify

          IM & Operations

Please specify

          S&I criteria are implemented in every process of the whole value chain, from sourcing to due diligence to monitoring and reporting.
Other heads of department
Dedicated ESG/RI staff
Other role, specify (1)
Other role, specify (2)
Other role, specify (3)
None of the above

04.3. Indicate how you ensure ESG/RI expertise for the roles where there are RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities.

04.4. Indicate whether your organisation has any ESG/RI linked incentives for its employees.

04.7. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

SG 05. Outsourcing of services (Private)

SG 06. Providing training/education

06.1. Indicate whether you provide training/educational services on ESG/RI. Tick all that apply.


06.2. Describe the main components of your training/educational services on ESG/RI and any variations depending on the group you provide training/education to.

The integration of ESG criterias into pur investment analysis, discussions on the latest research and trends, and explaining how to communicate our expertise in sustainable and impact investment is key of our education program, not only internally but also externally, to our clients and prospects. We discuss at least once a month about the lastest developments and the deal pipeline considering all sustainability and impact criteria.

06.3. Describe whether these training/educational services include any commercial elements.


06.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 07. Applying, advancing and promoting the PRI principles

07.1. Describe how your organisation applies, advances and promotes the PRI Principles.

PRI/ESG is a core element of our organization. We live by them, sensibilize current and potential clients on it and build a portfolio of investments where these principles are at the core of their value creation strategy.

07.2. Highlight whether there are any ways that your organisation would like to engage further with the PRI. [OPTIONAL]

We would like to be ambassadors otf ESG/RI in our target makets (Switzerland, Pension Funds and Family Offices specifically)

SG 08. Actions taken to promote responsible investment

08.1. Indicate which of the following actions your organisation has taken to promote responsible investments during the reporting year, independently of collaborative initiatives.

08.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 09. Long term trends

09.1. Indicate which of the following long-term trends are addressed in your product outputs.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

Some of our investments address the emerging markets, where we experience the gradual emergence of a large young tech-savvy consumer base.

In more developed markets, some of our helthcare investments focus on the aging population (silver society) problematic and the increase in life expectancy 

Our infrastructure investments with focus on renewable energy help to clean energy to an ever growing electricity need while helping substituting the older and polluting technologies in place


09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

see above.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

see above.

09.2. Explain how this long-term trend affects your product outputs.

see above.

SG 10. Interaction with asset owners

10.1. Indicate whether you interact with asset owner clients.

10.2. Indicate the typical frequency and type of interactions with your asset owner clients.

Type of interaction





10.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 11. Aligning approach with investor goals

11.1. Describe how you typically align your organisation’s philosophy and approach to ESG/RI with your investor clients’ goals.

We are convinced that proper alignment of ESG/RI principles on investor goals will reduce long-term risks while providing a solid basis for value creation.


11.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 12. ESG recommendations not aligned with investor goals

12.1. Describe what steps you take, if any, when your ESG recommendations are not in line with your investor clients’ goals.

We advise our investors to refrain from an investment that is not 100% conform with our ESG principles.

12.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

SG 13. Seeking feedback from clients

13.1. Indicate whether you seek feedback from clients on your RI/ESG services and product offerings

13.2. Describe how you use this feedback in your RI/ESG services and product offerings.

With each investment we make, we implement the feedback from our clients into future processes, in monitoring and reporting. 


SG 14. Managing conflicts of interest

14.1. Indicate whether your organisation has a policy for managing potential conflicts of interest.

14.2. Describe how you manage potential conflicts of interest.

We have a dedicated compliance function.

There were no recorded conflicts of interest to-date.



14.3. Describe how you ensure that company employees do not derive any personal gain from the use of information collected during your work process.

All of our employees have signed a code-of-conduct  that includes conflict-of-interest definitions and the proper way to handle them.

14.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]