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Service Providers Framework 2020

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Manager selection and monitoring

IC 12. ESG in manager selection, appointment and monitoring (Not Applicable)

IC 14. Incorporating asset owners’ investment principles in selection of manager (Not Applicable)

IC 15. ESG in selection due diligence (Not Applicable)

IC 16. Monitoring investment managers on ESG (Not Applicable)

IC 17. Reporting back to asset owners (Not Applicable)

IC 18. Demonstrating value on manager selection, appointment and monitoring (Not Applicable)

IC 19. ESG in manager selection, appointment and monitoring

19.1. Provide examples of cases where ESG was incorporated into your services.

Service line

Case example

We developed an RI policy for one of our clients that is a non-governmental federation for human rights organizations. The focus of the RI policy was to take extra care in ensuring the fund of the federation is not exposed to major human rights abuses. The policy was designed and implementation was developed using a mix of exclusion, best-in-class, and qualitative assessments.

Case example

Profundo is a part of Chain Reaction Research (CRR), a consortium that conducts sustainability and financial risk analysis of companies active in tropical commodity value chains. Since 2013, CRR has informed investors of the financially material risks associated with deforestation in the South East Asian palm oil value chain. Since 2016, CRR expanded its work to cover other regions and commodities, including soy and cattle in Brazil and coffee in Peru. CRR conducts its analysis on the basis of its proprietary analytical framework, through which we systematically identify both ongoing deforestation and deforestation risks, analyse the associated operational business risks and quantify these risks for investors. Our publications are widely read in the finance community, with an average of 30,000 views per report, and all CRR partners regularly present at conferences and webinars.

19.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]