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Scientific Beta Pte Ltd

Service Providers Framework 2020

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Scientific Beta designs, administers and markets equity indices and provides risk and performance analytics.

Scientific Beta was established in 2012 by not-for-profit organisation EDHEC Business School to transfer to investors the expertise its applied finance research centre had developed since 2001 in the fields of indices and benchmarking, portfolio construction and asset allocation, and performance and risk reporting. On January 31, 2020, Singapore Exchange (SGX) acquired a majority stake in Scientific Beta. SGX will maintain the strong collaboration with EDHEC Business School, and principles of independent, empirical-based academic research, that have benefited Scientific Beta’s development to date.

With a concern to provide worldwide client servicing, Scientific Beta is present in Boston, London, Nice, Singapore and Tokyo. As of December 31, 2019, the Scientific Beta indices corresponded to USD 59.2bn in assets under replication. Scientific Beta relies on a team of 52 people who cover not only client support from Nice, Singapore and Boston, but also the development, production and promotion of its index offering. 

The present report covers Scientific Beta's activities only and  is not intended as the responsibility report of SGX or EDHEC Business School.