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CECEP Environmental Consulting Group Limited

Service Providers Framework 2020

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Research/process level

RDP 02. Sources for research and/or rating

02.1. Indicate the types of sources you use for research and/or ratings of companies/sectors/geographies or similar. Tick all that apply.

02.2. Indicate how ESG factors are incorporated into your research and/or rating methodology

02.3. Describe how you define materiality and how this is captured in your research and/or rating methodology as well as final product.

          Our team has developed a variety of models in assessing ESG performances and risks of companies. Among the risks identified, we practice materiality assessment. Those risks that has either high possibility or impact are considered material.  One of the models is the Environmental Risk Assessment Model for Listed Companies (“the ERA Model”). The ERA Model examines the physical environmental impacts on operating costs, the industrial sensitivity to physical environmental factors and the company’s ability in environmental risks management. With the model output, we can further analyze the companies or sectors that is likely influenced by certain environmental risk driver and also the financial impact such as operational cost involved. Through trend analysis, it can serve as an effective tool to quantify the environmental risks impacts on listed companies’ business and stock prices in an integrated approach.

02.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 03. Stakeholder input

03.1. Describe how you actively include input and information, wherever possible, from relevant stakeholders or interested parties, in the research process or in reaching assessment conclusions.

          Firstly,we use official data base and the audited corporate data to ensure the data quality. Besides, we often check data correction in one aspect from other sources. And always take care of the interest conflicts.

03.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 04. Up-to-date assessment and ratings

04.1. Indicate how you ensure that your ESG assessment of companies/ sectors/ geographies or similar is up-to-date and that new information is incorporated or new assessments are conducted at reasonable intervals.

04.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 05. Balanced research and assessment

05.1. Indicate how you typically ensure a balanced approach to your research methodology and assessing/rating of companies/sectors/geographies or similar. Tick all that apply and explain your approach to each option.

Type of indicators

Explain your approach

          We take both quantitative and qualitative indicators into consideration when carrying out our research and ESG rating. We objectively apply and evaluate the suitable quantitative and/or qualitative indicators according to the issues concerned and the circumstances.

Explain your approach

          We take both risk management process and the performance as indicators in our model. (ie. Environmental management system and their actual resilience against any accidents.)

Explain your approach

          CECEP Environmental Consulting Group has been actively monitoring market changes and how companies have been performing from the ESG perspectives.

Explain your approach

          CECEP Environmental Consulting Group has taken an integrated approach in incorporating ESG factors into our models to deliver an objective view to our users.

05.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 06. Consistency and comparability

06.1. Describe the control processes in place to ensure quality of research.

          We have our own internal quality control system to ensure the quality of our research is up to standard.

06.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 07. Emerging ESG issues and trends (Private)

RDP 08. Client use of outputs (Private)

RDP 09.