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CECEP Environmental Consulting Group Limited

Service Providers Framework 2020

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Assurance standards and assuring ESG

REP 05. Assuring ESG

05.1. List the standards and certifications that have an ESG/RI component, that you typically use to assure client organisations’ reporting data/processes or products against.


05.2. Describe how clients’ RI/ESG data and/or processes are assured.

          CECEP Environmental Consultancy  as a professional environmental service provider has established its own procedure to provide its client professional ESG service. Under the procedure, each ESG engaged are worked in team of at least four.  

Team formation and responsibly in projects

Project Director (PD)	Review the and final approval for the project deliverable
Project in Charge (PIC)	Overview of time management/ quality of the project execution; Full review on ESG data by PMC and PC.
Project Main Consultant (PMC) and Project Consultant (PC)  Consolidate and calculated relevant data; Full review on ESG data

PMC is responsible to communicate with client on the ESG information and data collection. During the kickoff, the team will communicate with client to confirm on the environmental emission sources, information availability, data collection process and responsible parties for information. Site-visit is conducted when necessary. The data collected is first consolidated and calculated by the PMC. When there is extensive amount of data, the PMC and PC will together process the data with full cross checking. ESG data is being checked against for any missing figures, calculation errors, abnormal or extreme values etc. Intensity is also calculated to be compared with previous year figures for abnormal. Quires lists are raised to client once data checking is completed for confirmation and clarification.  All documents and calculations are saved in internal server for record. PIC reviews once again the data before the final approval. PD reviews the entire project deliverables. 

Calculation database is established to assist with calculation. The database is set up based on the international guidelines with updated international and regional emission factors. Climate Change Taskforce set up internally, which one of the objectives is to regularly review and update on the emission factors and calculation methodology.

05.3. Describe any differences in the process of assuring ESG/RI information as compared to other information.

          The team formation and process on assessing the ESG information are the same as above. For other ESG information, the team will communicate with the related parties regarding the process and procedure and review against the original policies.

05.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]