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Service Providers Framework 2019

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Strategic asset allocation

IC 07. ESG incorporation into strategic asset allocation

07.1. Indicate whether you incorporate ESG into your strategic asset allocation process.

07.2. Indicate how you incorporate ESG into your strategic asset allocation services.

07.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

One client’s asset allocation will never be alike to another one in terms of sustainable themes, asset class and risk exposure. We propose sustainable strategies based on customized SRI parameters in accordance with client’s mission and regulatory compliance. We offer clients macro and financial view for short and long-term scenario, we study sustainable trends and analyze how those trends relates to the clients’ portfolios.


IC 08. Scenario analysis and/or modelling (Private)

IC 09. Demonstrating value on asset allocation

09.1. Describe how you measure, track or otherwise demonstrate your value on asset allocation activities.

          We periodically verify the degree of aligment of client portfolios to our strategic allocation. While we also consider the value of our advisory on tactical allocation on the base of the additional performance generated.
Anyway, at least once a year, we verify the strategic asset allocation of each clients to better adapt it to the evolving market context.

09.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Additionally, we often conduct "what if analysis". This analysis is an evaluation ot portfolio performance based on two different scenarios: the one actually implemented by the clients and the one that we advised on. The two, in fact, don't always perfectly combine as the client decisions may differ form those suggested.