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JSE Limited

Service Providers Framework 2019

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Signatory category and services

OO 03. Signatory category and services

03.1. Indicate which of the following categories reflect your core offering or main business activity:

          The JSE is a self-regulatory multi-asset securities exchange offering primary and secondary market, post-trade, technology and information services

03.2. Indicate any other business activities that your organisation offers. Indicate whether you wish to report on these business areas.

Research and Data provision

          Development, listing and trading of securities and related products, including indices, ETFs, bonds, derivatives etc.
Regulation of and guidance on reporting
ESG events and training

03.3. Attach a graph showing a breakdown of your business activities. [OPTIONAL]

03.4. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

          Please refer to Integrated Annual Report 2018 available at (see pages 4 and 5 for an explanation of key revenue driving activities), and pages 21 to 28 for a full breakdown of financial performance for the FY2018.

OO 04. Other offerings/business activities

04.1. Please describe your core offering or main business activity.

The JSE is a multi-asset class securities exchange, offering investors deep liquidity across its product range. It provides:

A primary market – sourcing issuers to list and supporting potential and existing issuers.
A secondary market that facilitates trading in: equities; financial derivatives; commodity derivatives; currency derivatives; and interest rate instruments.
Post-trade services – Through a division responsible for clearing, settlement and assurance.
Technology services – that support the JSE’s operations; and
Information services, including market data.

It also regulates the primary and secondary markets via a self-regulatory model.

The JSE is licensed to operate under the Financial Markets Act, 19 of 2012.

04.4. If you reported a second non-core offering or business activity, please describe it below.

Development, listing and trading of securities and related products, including indices, ETFs, bonds, derivatives etc. With reference to responsible investment, the JSE currently offers the following:

- FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series which is supported by the FTSE Russell ESG Ratings, and a new related offering covering granular ESG data on JSE-listed companies as well as green revenues data, which contribue to ESG information availability for the market. The data offering was introduced in late 2018.

- green bonds

- futures contracts on the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 index

Additional ESG futures contracts are under development.

The JSE is also active in the promotion of sustainable business practices and responsible investment in dealing with our clients across issuers and investors, both directly as well as indirectly through various avenues such as regulation of reporting, training offerings and events enabling issuer-investor interaction on market and other issues including ESG.