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Service Providers Framework 2018

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Investment research

AC 10. Investment research activities

10.1. Indicate whether you incorporate ESG into your investment research services.

10.2. Indicate whether the following activities are part of your investment research process. Describe for each activity how you incorporate ESG.

Investment research activities

Describe how you incorporate ESG

          In our equity research we investigate:
•	how companies behave in deforestation in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa (Environment);
•	how companies fill in their labor relations with employees in palm oil plantation and in soybean production and how they relate to indigenous people (Social);
•	how companies behave to government concerning tax payments, offshoring, forest regulations and commercial relations with friendly business partners which are used for hiding deforestation (Governance).   
By confronting these outcomes with sustainability policies of customers, we can calculate revenues-at-risk and the value of ‘stranded assets’. These will have an impact on the value of companies.

Describe how you incorporate ESG

          In our sector reports we incorporate various ESG risks relevant for companies, investors, and other stakeholders. We also modelled ESG impacts which the sector can experience. We try to monetize the ESG impacts on the sector and companies. We do this research as per clients' demand and we do not have any off-the-shelf research products.

Describe how you incorporate ESG

          Our research focuses on themes such as deforestation, land grabbing, human rights etc.

10.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 11. Demonstrating value on investment research

11.1. Describe how you measure, track or otherwise demonstrate your value on investment research activities.

          We are in the process of developing a system to measure our impact. At present, we derive satisfaction and accomplishment from actions of banks and companies when they change their behavior. The reason of this change is collective and shared by various parties like NGOs, governments, and investors. We take pride in being a part of this call for change and contributing in our modest way through profound research that is the basis of the call for action from these organisations. For example, ING withdrew from Dacota Access Pipeline given the pressure from community, NGOs, and other stakeholders. It is also one of the banks under research within the projects of Fair Finance Guide Netherlands. Seeing the bank improving its risk management processes to exclude such controversial projects gives us motivation to continue.

11.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]