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Meketa Investment Group, Inc.

Service Providers Framework 2018

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Manager selection and monitoring

AC 12. ESG in manager selection, appointment and monitoring

12.1. Indicate whether you incorporate ESG factors into your manager selection and monitoring services.

Manager selection service

Manager monitoring service

12.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]


AC 13. Manager selection activities

13.1. Indicate what activities you undertake during the process of selecting a manager.

Research and screening

          Review and negotiate Responsible Contractor Policy with Private Markets Managers


          Review Manager's ESG Policy.
Review Manager's ESG Personnel.

ESG people/oversight

Process/portfolio construction

Selection process and reviewing documentation

13.2. Indicate whether you use any of the following scores or targets in your manager selection process.

13.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 14. Incorporating asset owners’ investment principles in selection of manager

14.1. Describe how you incorporate asset owners' investment principles into the manager selection process.

          Meketa Investment Group provides a customized approach to investment consulting, Each client has different regulations, risks, and beliefs, It has been always our approach on working with clients to understand an implement their own particular needs. It is within this context that we approach the implementing of the client principles.

14.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 15. ESG in selection due diligence (Not Applicable)

AC 16. Monitoring investment managers on ESG

16.1. Indicate whether you set any of the following to measure compliance/progress, or use the following information to review and evaluate the investment manager.

Setting measures for the investment manager as part of the monitoring process

Reviewing and evaluating information from the investment manager as part of the monitoring process

16.2. Describe how you raise and manage concerns when monitoring investment managers on ESG factors.

          As part of our Manager Due Diligence process, we discuss with managers how they incorporate ESG into their analysis of portfolio companies.

16.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 17. Reporting back to asset owners

17.1. Indicate whether you report back to asset owners on your manager selection and/or monitoring activities.



17.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 18. Demonstrating value on manager selection, appointment and monitoring

18.1. Describe how you measure, track or otherwise demonstrate your value on manager selection, appointment, and monitoring services.

          While our firm utilizes numerous databases to track and screen managers, the lists and performance rankings generated provide only a starting point.  We go beyond the superficial computerized “search” and monitoring process with a methodology that identifies the best managers to meet our clients’ objectives.  In doing so, we emphasize:
•	Face-to-face meetings and site inspection visits
•	In-depth analysis of actual portfolio holdings
•	Evaluation of manager impact
•	Unbiased assessment of capabilities

18.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]