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Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

Service Providers Framework 2018

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Type of reporting and assurance

REP 01. Product type

01.1. Indicate the type of reporting that you prepare on behalf of clients. Tick all that apply.

          ISS produces reports on the corporate governance and responsible investment practices of the companies it covers.
          ISS supports investors who wish to disclose their voting policy and how they have applied it in practice (voting records) through the Vote Disclosure Service.

01.2. Indicate whether your services include any variety of third party assurance or certification/labelling scheme of clients’ ESG/RI data, processes or products.

01.3. Indicate the type of assurance or certification/labelling scheme services that you provide.

01.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Climetrics is the world’s first climate impact rating for funds, enabling investors to more efficiently integrate climate impact into investment decision making. The rating – symbolized by green leaves “issued” on a scale of one to five (where 5 leaves indicates outstanding climate performance) – enables investors to gauge and compare the climate impact of investments in funds and potentially encourage growth in climate-responsible fund products.

Climetrics was developed by CDP Europe and ISS-Ethix Climate Solutions, in consultation with NGOs, investors and universities. Climetrics is run by CDP in partnership with ISS Climetrics Solutions and, the leading database and research engine for ESG investing. The project was funded and catalysed by Climate-Kic, the European Union's main climate innovation initiative.