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Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

Service Providers Framework 2018

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Assurance standards and assuring ESG

REP 05. Assuring ESG

05.1. List the standards and certifications that have an ESG/RI component, that you use to assure client organisations’ reporting data/processes or products against.

05.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Quality assurance routines across all ISS products build on extensive peer review throughout the research process and strict enhanced sign-off routines, involving the relevant Team lead and the Head of Research where appropriate.

ISS Proxy Research engages with companies to clarify anything which is not clear in the publicly available information on which the analyst bases the vote recommendations. In certain markets and subject to ISS’ guidelines, a segment of companies are provided with an opportunity to review a draft of their proxy research report for purposes of verifying the factual accuracy of the report. Companies are always entitled to receive a free copy of the final proxy research report which has been published by ISS about that company and issued to subscribing clients. If a material factual error is brought to the attention of the research analyst post-publication, they will correct the error, reissue the report and issue a formal Alert which is provided to all subscribing clients who received the original report.

ISS-Ethix’s Global Norms and Controversial weapons research teams establish the accuracy of any allegations against a company through active company and stakeholder dialogues. ISS-Ethix conducts fact-finding dialogue with companies as soon as research into an allegation is initiated. As part of this dialogue, the company is informed about the allegation and offered an opportunity to present its position. This dialogue is ongoing for as long as ISS-Ethix maintains its assessment that a company is involved in verified or alleged (and unaddressed) violations of global norms, or involved in controversial weapons. As part of this fact-finding dialogue, the company is also informed about the overall conclusion and provided with the analysis. This latter point is particularly important as ISS-Ethix recognises that companies (a) often have information that is not available through other sources, and (b) as a matter of principle, it is essential that companies have the opportunity to review and, as appropriate, challenge the assessments. The quality control function within the ESG research team supports timely, comprehensive and transparent action when errors are detected.

Companies who are within the coverage universe of certain of ISS’ data products, including ISS Governance and Environment & Social QualityScore products, are invited to review, verify and provide feedback on the data used to determine their scores via a complementary a year-round data verification tool, accessed through ISS Corporate Solutions’ Governance Analytics platform. Submissions of corrected or updated data factors can be made online through the platform.