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Common Interests

Service Providers Framework 2018

You are in Advisory and Consultancy » Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory and Consultancy

AC 01. Advisory and consultancy services

01.1. Indicate whether your services include any of the following.

01.2. Describe how you ensure that your clients understand your service offerings and fee structure.

          An in-depth informational discussion focused on client understanding, available to answer client concerns, all relevant paperwork accessible to clients through online platforms, and our website, which describes our services and fees in detail.

01.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 02. Assets under advisement (Private)

AC 03. Fiduciary manager services

03.1. Indicate whether you provide fiduciary management services.

03.2. Describe how you incorporate ESG factors into your fiduciary management services.

The portfolios we manage on a discretionary basis are all in ESG screened portfolios. these portfolios are all we offer.

03.3. Describe how ESG incorporation fits into your interpretation of fiduciary duty.

          As fiduciaries, the decisions we make today impact future generations, both from a financial standpoint and from the perspective of the world we leave behind. Legacy planning consists of material financial and non-financial decisions, and we believe ESG is the best way to manage these risks.

03.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 04. ESG in contracts with clients (Private)