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Mercer (Service Provider)

Service Provider Reporting Framework 2017

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Advisory and Consultancy

AC 01. Advisory and consultancy services

01.1. Indicate whether your services include any of the following.

01.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 02. Assets under advisement

02.1. Indicate your total assets under advisement at the end of your reporting year.

Total AUM
Trillions Billions Millions Thousands Hundreds
Assets in USD
Trillions Billions Millions Thousands Hundreds

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Assets under advisement includes aggregated data for Mercer Investment Consulting, Inc. and its affiliated companies globally (“Mercer”). Data is derived from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, third-party custodians or investment managers, regulatory filings, and client self-reported data. Mercer has not independently verified the data. Where available, data is provided as of 30 June 2016 (“Reporting Date”). If data was not available as of the Reporting Date, information from a date closest in time to the Reporting Date, which may be of a more recent date than the Reporting Date, was included. Data includes assets of clients that have engaged Mercer to provide project-based services within the 12-month period ending on the Reporting Date, and assets of clients that subscribe to Mercer’s Manager Research database.

AC 03. Fiduciary manager services

03.1. Indicate whether you provide fiduciary management services.

03.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Mercer’s Delegated Solutions offering is provided to a range of institutional investors, with assets under management of 157.45 (US$B) as at the end of 2016. Delegated Solutions combines customised strategic asset allocation advice with a robust multi-manager investment structure. Solutions include single asset class or diversified portfolios, based on Mercer's global manager research, and provide clients with continuous portfolio oversight through a disciplined, well-documented governance process.

Mercer's RI team have been advising and supporting the Chief Investment Officers and portfolio managers for Mercer's Delegated Solutions, in Australia, New Zealand and Europe in particular, for many years now - implementing Mercer's ESG advice in our fiduciary management services for clients. Our solutions include sustainability-themed funds.

[The assets under management data reported here include aggregate data for Mercer Investment Management, Inc. and its affiliated fiduciary management businesses globally].

AC 04. ESG in contracts with clients

04.1. Indicate whether you are typically asked to embed ESG consideration in contracts with clients.

04.2. If yes, describe how ESG considerations are incorporated into contracts with clients.

          Contracts typically include explicit ESG requirements in two ways. Firstly, Mercer has been appointed by some of its broader clients, globally, because of our expertise in providing integrated investment advice i.e. incorporating advice on standard investment as well as ESG issues. These appointments have included significant appointments during the reporting year in N America, Europe and Australia. Secondly, Mercer's RI team works with investors, globally, on specific RI projects and/or retainer relationships within which a range of ESG services are provided. In both cases Mercer and its clients will agree explicit ESG requirements to be delivered during the course of the contract period.

In addition, Mercer continually delivers RI/ESG advice and services to its clients within the scope of standard consulting relationships and contracts - these contracts may not explicitly reference RI/ESG services. The same applies to a range of specialist services that Mercer is capable of providing to its clients. Our role as an investment adviser is to deliver whatever services are relevant to our clients and which are within our capabilities. For example, Mercer provides trustee training and education across a wide range of investment topics, including RI/ESG issues. The topics covered in any given period (e.g. a single year) are driven by client needs and will vary across different clients. As a result the specific topics are not listed in contracts but instead are subject to rolling agreement.

04.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]