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PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd.

Service Provider Reporting Framework 2017

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Strategic asset allocation

AC 07. ESG incorporation into strategic asset allocation

07.1. Indicate whether you incorporate ESG into your strategic asset allocation process.

07.2. If yes, describe how ESG is incorporated into your asset allocation services.

          We incorporate ESG into client portfolios should they have ESG mentioned in their Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We incorporate ESG more at the Investment Manager selection level than the asset class level.

07.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

AC 08. Scenario analysis and/or modelling (Private)

AC 09. Demonstrating value on asset allocation

09.1. Describe how you measure, track or otherwise demonstrate your value on asset allocation activities.

          We measure performance on asset allocation via attribution analysis, peer group comparisons, benchmark indices,  value-add above hurdle rates, and analysis on customized asset/liability benchmarks.

09.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]