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Regnan Governance Research and Engagement Pty Ltd

Service Provider Reporting Framework 2017

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Research/process level

RDP 02. Sources for research and/or rating

02.1. Indicate the types of sources you use for research and/or ratings of companies. Tick all that apply.

          Interviews with corporate and industry representatives
          Academic literature

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 03. Stakeholder input

03.1. Describe how you actively include inputs and information, wherever possible, from relevant stakeholders or interested parties, in the research process or in reaching assessment conclusions.

          Research, analysis and assessment processes represent the core activity of the research team.  Comprehensive guidelines and peer review processes exist to ensure consistency and calibration of this information across the companies.

03.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 04. ESG factors in research methodology

04.1. Indicate whether your research/rating methodology incorporates ESG factors.

04.2. If yes, describe how ESG factors are incorporated into your research/rating methodology.

          Regnan’s research / rating methodology is concerned entirely with ESG factors.

04.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

RDP 05. Material ESG issues in research and/or rating

05.1. Describe how you ensure that your research and/or ratings capture material ESG issues.

          Regnan's research offering is entirely focused on ESG issues.

RDP 06. Up-to-date assessment and ratings

06.1. Describe how you ensure your assessment of companies is up-to-date and that new information is incorporated or new assessments are conducted at reasonable intervals.

          Regnan offers its ESG research as a standalone commercial product and adequate timeliness for clients is therefore a core business concern.

RDP 07. Balanced research and assessment

07.1. Indicate how you ensure a balanced approach to your research methodology and assessing/rating of companies. Tick all that apply and explain your approach to each option.

Type of indicators

Explain your approach

          Regnan uses and produces both qualitative and quantitative information.

Explain your approach

          As above.

Explain your approach

          As an input for funds managers, Regnan’s focus is on leading indicators (which include past performance, but do not rely exclusively on past performance).

Explain your approach

          Regnan assesses each of the three areas separately and does not currently provide a combined ESG score.

Explain your approach

          Analysts apply judgement and do not formally weight different sources of information. Regnan does not rely on raw data (self-reported or otherwise) for making assessments.

07.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Regnan’s core research is exclusively concerned with ESG and the applicability of identified ESG issues to the securities within its universe. 

This is intended for use alongside non-ESG considerations and therefore does not seek to achieve a “balance” across factors, through time, or within or across sectors (other than for “best of sector” ratings).

RDP 08. Consistency and comparability

08.1. Describe how you ensure that your criteria and methodology are consistent and applied equally to comparable subjects of research.

          Regnan’s standardised assessment frameworks have been developed and refined over the past 18 years. Extensive analyst guidance is documented centrally, and each assessment is rigorously peer reviewed with a senior member of the team before publication to ensure accuracy and uniformity of approach across companies and sectors.

RDP 09. Emerging ESG issues and trends (Not Completed)

RDP 10. Client use of outputs (Not Completed)