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Service Provider Reporting Framework 2017

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Type of reporting and assurance

REP 01. Product type

01.1. Indicate the type of reporting that you do. Tick all that apply.

          PRI, tailor made ESG reporting (matching the asset specifications : e.g. infratstructure, SMEs, real Estate…)

01.2. Indicate whether you do assurance.

01.3. Indicate whether your services include assurance of ESG information/data.

01.4. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

As part of our Vigeo Enterprise activities, we offer clients the opportunity to:

  • have their CSR policy evaluated by an independent third party and measure its performance
  • evaluate its implementation
  • identify and prioritise key sustainability issues for the pre investment decision process phase and for reporting purpose when in portfolio
  • expand the mapping of their operational risks
  • report and communicate on their performance to their stakeholders

 For the evaluation of CSR reporting, we systematically review and assess the availability, accessibility, exhaustiveness and relevance of companies’ ESG data, provided either on a qualitative or quantitative basis. The output of this assessment process is the production of reports on over 3,500 companies as well as the production of sector level reports

Through assessment of company reporting, we provide assurance and scores about companies’ abilities and commitments to implement and account for their social responsibility and risk mitigation practices.

In this process we integrate and take into account all internationally recognised frameworks on CSR.