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Service Provider Reporting Framework 2017

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Reporting frameworks/standards/guidelines

REP 02. Reporting frameworks/standards/guidelines

02.1. Indicate what reporting frameworks /standards/guidelines you use when preparing reports for clients. Tick all that apply.

          OECD guidelines and sectorial reports
          ISO 26 000, ISO 14 000, ISO 9000
          UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework on Human Rights
          UN Global Compact
          Sustainable Development Goals

02.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Vigeo Eiris has developed its own framework and methodology to assess the commitments, performance and CSR risk-related mitigation abilities of companies, which includes more than 330 indicators.

These indicators cover the requirements of the main international frameworks and guidelines on CSR. In addition, Vigeo Eiris takes into account sectoral guidelines and indicators related to specific ESG issues.

As part of our framework, we systematically establish a materiality matrix that combines all stakeholders’ legitimate interests and expectations, with companies risks and opportunities for each of the 38 ESG factors under our review and ratings.

We weight our criteria by undertaking an assessment of three elements:

  • the nature of the stakeholder’s expectations,
  • their vulnerability level and
  • the potential risks and opportunities for companies.