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Coronation Fund Managers

PRI reporting framework 2020

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HF 03. Organisation of RI responsibilities

03.1. Indicate whether and how your organisation has organised RI implementation and/or oversight responsibilities.


          Our Head of Research and CIO oversees the process and implementation of our ESG policy. There is Board oversight with reliance on management for implementation.


          ESG remains the remit of the investment team, including analysts and portfolio managers. There is a dedicated ESG analyst who supports the stock analysts.

03.2. Additional information. [Optional]

          The Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee’s general mandate is to assist the Board in discharging its duties relating to the reviewing and approving of policy, strategy and structure to manage transformation, social and ethics issues in the company. 
The Committee oversees the monitoring, implementation, assessment and measurement of the company’s activities in the following key areas: Ethics and conduct; Environmental, social and governance; Transformation; Human resource development; Enterprise development; and Corporate social investment. The Committee relies on management for the implementation of strategies and initiatives, of which the primary contributors are the Executive Committee, transformation task team, employment equity and corporate social investment committees.

HF 04. RI training programme

04.1. Please indicate whether you implemented any RI training program regarding hedge funds investments for your staff during the reporting year.

04.2. Explain how the RI training program is conducted?

Senior members of the investment team provide guidance on how to address sustainability issues - our Head of Equity Research and Chief Investment Officer oversee the process and the implementation of our ESG policy in the investment process. The responsibility for assessing ESG-related concerns rests with the relevant analyst on the stock. He or she is required to provide a summary of the main ESG issues, discuss their materiality to the investment case and provide his/her view on how these factors impact the overall valuation of the business. Reports are distrbuted to the entire team and discussed at weekly research meetings. Rigorous interrogation and debate of the merits of the analyst’s assessment is undertaken by the team, which allows for further development of the skills, knowledge and understanding of ESG matters by the entire team. Our investment team has been remarkably stable, and we are privileged to have a large and experienced group of professionals with a deep knowledge of industries and asset classes across multiple geographies. We believe our investment strategies and people benefit from a culture that encourages individuals to challenge one another on a wide range of biases and assumptions, every day. The culture of knowledge sharing and challenging each other is the best form of training especially in new evolving areas. 

HF 05. Performance/remuneration metrics linked to RI incorporation (Private)