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Pathfinder Asset Management

PRI reporting framework 2020

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(A) Implementation: Screening

LEI 04. Types of screening applied

04.1. Indicate and describe the type of screening you apply to your internally managed active listed equities.

Type of screening

Screened by


We believe investing in a socially responsible manner will lead to better investment outcomes for our investors and better outcomes for society generally.

We have chosen to avoid investing in some industries or companies that have significant ESG risks, for example tobacco, thermal coal and controversial weapons. 


Screened by


We invest in companies with high ESG scores we see as outperforming their industry peers. Sustainalytics provides data and performance relative to peers for each ESG criteria and we carry out independent research. Our thematic strategies are based on broader ESG issues that are likely to have a significant impact if not addressed as in the water fund, and we invest in companies with the best ESG performance. 

Screened by

          WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (2003) Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act NZ (2009); Nuclear Disarmament & Arms Control Act NZ (1987); Convention on Cluster Munitions


Pathfinder have chosen to support the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (2003) whose aim is to "protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke". We therefore have chosen to exclude tobacco related investments from our portfolio.

We also exclude controversial weapons according to national and international legislation:  Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act NZ (2009); Nuclear Disarmament & Arms Control Act NZ (1987); Convention on Cluster Munitions (2008); South Pacific Nuclear Free Treaty (1986); Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1970)

We exclude companies that do not respect basic human rights, in accordance with the UN Global Compact Principles and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


04.2. Describe how you notify clients and/or beneficiaries when changes are made to your screening criteria.

The screening criteria are established to reflect Pathfinder's investing values.  

Pathfinder uses the NZ Super Fund exclusions list as a starting point for our exclusions list.This list is updated on an ad-hoc basis but is at least once per annum. We also describe our screening in our ethical investment policy on our website.

All changes are amended within our exclusions policy which is available on our website.

Investors are notified in our monthly reporting if screen criteria are changed. 

LEI 05. Processes to ensure screening is based on robust analysis

05.1. Indicate which processes your organisation uses to ensure ESG screening is based on robust analysis.

05.2. Indicate the proportion of your actively managed listed equity portfolio that is subject to comprehensive ESG research as part your ESG screening strategy.

05.3. Indicate how frequently third party ESG ratings are updated for screening purposes.

05.5. Additional information. [Optional]

LEI 06. Processes to ensure fund criteria are not breached (Private)