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PRI reporting framework 2020

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Investment policy

SG 01. RI policy and coverage

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01.1. Indicate if you have an investment policy that covers your responsible investment approach.

01.2. Indicate the components/types and coverage of your policy.

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01.3. Indicate if the investment policy covers any of the following

01.4. Describe your organisation’s investment principles and overall investment strategy, interpretation of fiduciary (or equivalent) duties,and how they consider ESG factors and real economy impact.

Our Investment Philosophy: The defining qualities of our investment philosophy are a long-term orientation and an emphasis on the power of compounding.  The key to compounding wealth over long periods is in thoughtfully managing risks.  In constructing portfolios, our priority is to minimize the risk of large losses, while capturing the upside in markets.


Our Investment Process:

Risk Management: We believe that over full market cycles our focus on downside protection reduces the probability of extreme losses and limits the drag that volatility exerts on long-term compounding.

Valuation: While valuation is not a reliable predictor of returns over short time horizons, it is closely related to longer-term performance.  Through disciplined re-balancing, we look to add to assets that have been driven below fair value by excessive pessimism and avoid those bid up by excessive optimism.

Sustainability: The strategies in which we invest have successful and repeatable investment processes.  These approaches own assets, such as companies or properties, which are usually cash-generative, have a sustainable competitive advantage, and are overseen by excellent management teams.

01.5. Provide a brief description of the key elements, any variations or exceptions to your investment policy that covers your responsible investment approach. [Optional]

Our approach to implementation of ESG/impact investing mandates varies by asset class due to considerations around the nature of the outcomes we’re seeking as well as the portfolio construction, fees, risk management and liquidity considerations. Here are a few examples:

US Equities: We work with leading providers of separately managed account (“SMA”) portfolios which are customized to incorporate client preferences in areas such as environmental sustainability, women’s rights, board independence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Using both negative screens and positive tilts, Tiedemann will work with clients to customize a public equity portfolio in this manner. In addition, because these assets are held in a SMA, and not in a commingled fund, we have the ability to work with clients to co-file shareholder resolutions. We believe shareholder advocacy is a powerful tool, and through Tiedemann and our shareholder advocacy partner, As You Sow, clients can have their voice heard at by the companies in which they invest.

Global Equity: Tiedemann works with a series of investment managers which incorporate ESG and impact criteria into their security selection process. While these strategies differ in style and geographies, the common characteristic is that ESG considerations are an integral part of the firm’s investment and risk-management process. Through our extensive initial and ongoing due diligence process, we can gain great confidence these investment managers are appropriately incorporating material ESG considerations. These investment managers are frequently long-term investors, and they often engage with company management teams to ensure ESG issues are taken seriously throughout all levels of their organization.

Private Investments: We have created a robust private asset investing platform which allocates capital across styles (venture capital, growth equity, infrastructure, debt, and real estate) in our thematic areas: environmental sustainability, financial inclusion, education, and equity-lens. We leverage our scale and long-standing relationships to provide access to top-tier investment managers in these areas. On behalf of our clients, we allocate to areas such as renewable energy infrastructure financing, sustainable real assets for GHG sequestration, green affordable housing, financial inclusion (mobile banking, alternative lending) in developing markets, to name a few.

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SG 01 CC. Climate risk (Private)

SG 02. Publicly available RI policy or guidance documents


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SG 03. Conflicts of interest

03.1. Indicate if your organisation has a policy on managing potential conflicts of interest in the investment process.

03.2. Describe your policy on managing potential conflicts of interest in the investment process.

Tiedemann's Compliance Group is actively engaged in managing all all aspects of our processes.

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SG 04. Identifying incidents occurring within portfolios (Private)