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Pareto Asset Management AS

PRI reporting framework 2020

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LEA 01. Description of approach to engagement

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01.1. Indicate whether your organisation has an active ownership policy (includes engagement and/or voting).

01.2. Attach or provide a URL to your active ownership policy.

01.3. Indicate what your active engagement policy covers:

General approach to Active Ownership


          Our policies cover all funds/mandates. It covers a wide range of topics, but does not list them item by item; rather,  by principle.


01.4. Do you outsource any of your active ownership activities to service providers?

01.6. Additional information [optional]

Pareto Asset Management conducts regular meetings with the management, board members, shareholders etc. of portfolio companies, this dialogue is the most common instrument we use in our work as an active owner. As an active owner we address environmental, social and governance factors in our engagement with our portfolio companies. This kind of engagement activity is usually limited to our holdings in the Norwegian market, in which we hold substantial ownership interests. In addition, though, we do raise a number of ESG issues with investor relations contacts at global companies - or higher ranked executives if possible.

As a central player in the Norwegian market, we often have senior management from our portfolio companies at our internal investment staff meetings. The primary purpose of the meeting is presenting the company, but these meetings provide an excellent opportunity for engagement and dialogue in the event any issues are present or on the rise.