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Alberta Investment Management Corporation

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Property monitoring and management

PR 09. Proportion of assets with ESG targets that were set and monitored

09.1. Indicate the proportion of property assets for which your organisation, and/or property managers, set and monitored ESG targets (KPIs or similar) during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

09.2. Indicate which ESG targets your organisation and/or property managers typically set and monitor

Progress Achieved
          Energy consumption targets
          Water consumption targets
          Waste diversion targets
          Portfolio energy intensity has experienced a consistent decrease over the last 5 years.
          Portfolio water intensity has experienced a consistent decrease over the last 5 years.
          Portfolio waste diversion rates have steadily improved over the last 5 years.
Progress Achieved
          Social engagement KPI
          We continue to measure our progress in terms of tenant engagement on environmental/social issues and make the corresponding adjustments.
Progress Achieved
          Governance arrangement with manager
          Every new manager is required to answer an extensive due diligence questionnaire that details their normal governance structure and capacity to manage the committed funds.

09.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Historically, AIMCo's focus has been on monitoring the environmental performance of our retail and office properties. Property managers at many of AIMCo's Real Estate investments have independently set environmental performance targets and continuously work to meet their goals. AIMCo has also begun to set portfolio wide targets.

In addition, tenant engagement metrics are measured in our property level tenant engagement surveys. Improvements are constantly sought to raise the tenants' participation.

PR 10. Certification schemes, ratings and benchmarks (Private)