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Fortius Fund Management

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 08. ESG issues in post-investment activities

08.1. 組織の不動産資産に関連する投資後の活動において、組織やプロパティマネジメント会社がESG問題を考慮しているかどうかを記載してください。

08.2. 組織の不動産資産に関連する投資後の活動において、組織やプロパティマネジメント会社が以下のESG問題を考慮しているかどうかを記載してください。

08.3. 組織の不動産資産に関連する投資後の活動において、組織やプロパティマネジメント会社がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを説明してください。

Our team is determined to deliver long term, sustainable investment performance. As such, ongoing identification, analysis and management of ESG risks and opportunities is undertaken as part of the active asset and property management of our clients’ investments.

The below are a set of tools and processes to assist in our active management of investment risk:

  • Life cycle audits are regularly undertaken to provide a better understanding of an asset’s “biological” age based on its current state of repair;
  • An environmental strategy is typically completed for every asset within the FFM managed portfolio. The strategy, which is aligned to the overall asset strategy, sets performance standards benchmarked using the NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) ratings;
  • Industry best standard monitoring and tracking of an asset’s operations, providing real-time information on electricity and water usage, and carbon production. This tool provides our Property Managers with the information to act quickly and decisively in the management of our clients’ investments;
  • In depth research, including demographic analysis and tenant satisfaction surveys;
  • Regular performance analysis, taking into account ESG risks and opportunities, including monitoring progress against environmental performance targets and compliance with legislative and internal policy requirements; and
  • Site specific risk assessments undertaken by expert consultants to identify health and safety risks.

In using the above, we are better able to understand where to position the asset in its competitive marketplace in terms of presentation standards, target rents and tenants. We believe that we are better positioned to more accurately forecast future capital requirements and can make more informed buy, hold, develop and sell recommendations to our clients.

It is our view that the management of assets according to a strategy that takes into consideration ESG risks and opportunities, ensures that long-term, sustainable performance is achieved for our clients.