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Pensioenfonds PNO Media

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Outputs and outcomes

SAM 08. Percentage of externally managed assets managed by PRI signatories (Private)

SAM 09. Examples of ESG issues in selection, appointment and monitoring processes

09.1. Provide examples of how ESG issues have been addressed in the manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring process for your organisation during the reporting year.

Topic or issue
          We annually send questionnaires for information to all of our external managers, in which we have moved the focus more and more towards ESG-issues.
Conducted by
Asset class
Scope and process

We have added a dozen of questions on ESG-policy and its influence on the holdings in the portfolio to our annual questionnaire that we sent out to all of our external managers in november lat year. We subsequently score all of our managers on basis of the responses to the questionnaire through a scorecard. We classify the questions under 5 different main topics and attach a weight and score to each of the 5 main topics. By weighing the scores for the 5 topics we come to a total score for each manager. Last year we significantly increased the weighting for ESG as one of the 5 main topics. 


On basis of the increased weight to ESG-policy the external manager relative scores through the internal scorecards have changed. On basis of the responses that the external managers have given to the ESG-questions, we will engage further with each of them on how they can further improve their ESG-policy for the mandates that they manage for PNO Media.

09.2. Additional information.