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PRI reporting framework 2020

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INF 16. Proportion of stakeholders that were engaged with on ESG issues

16.1. 組織や事業者が報告年度にインフラ資産に関連するESG問題についてどのステークホルダーとエンゲージメントを行ったのかおよび行った投資物件がインフラ資産のどのくらいの割合に相当するかを明示してください。





          project operators



16.2. インフラ資産に関連してステークホルダーにエンゲージメントを実行するアプローチを説明してください。

Projects are systematically subjected to dialogue with the key stakeholders of each project (i.e. the regulatory agency, communities, civil society, etc.) as part of our procedure for filing permits; this also includes impact studies and research. Every investment within our portfolio is subject to these procedures.

It is also worth noting that our ESG assessment and monitoring process* applied by Mirova, includes meetings or calls with project operators if the qualitative information is not sufficient to cope with the assurance of sustainability risks management or to better understand the sustainability contribution of the project's purpose.

In addition to these individual engagement initiatives, Mirova actively contributed to promote the integration of ESG issues in the infrastructure asset class.

- We actively took part in the launch in 2015 of GRESB Infrastructure, a global sustainability benchmark for infrastructure assets, as well as first campaigns;
 - We also were sponsors of the Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) (for further information about these initiatives, please refer to INF.8).

Please refer to INF.01 for further details about our proprietary ESG assessment methodology suited to infrastructure projects.

*The annual engagement report is available on Mirova's website: