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PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 01. Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy

01.1. 組織に不動産の責任投資 (RPI) ポリシーを策定しているかどうかを明示してください。

01.2. URLまたは文書自体を添付して下さい。

01.3. 不動産における組織の責任投資へのアプローチの概要およびどのように不動産における責任投資を貴社の事業戦略とリンクさせているか簡潔に説明してください。 [任意]

The Real Estate asset class is covered by APG's overall Responsible Investment & Stewardship Policy. This document is available via There are specific detailed Responsible Investment Guidelines available for the Real Estate asset class, but these are not publicly available. Listed Real Estate investments are also subject to our Corporate Governance Framework, which is publicly available. In addition, we have developed a tailored remuneration guideline for Real Estate.

APG uses the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark's tools and services for assessing and monitoring the sustainability performance of its real estate investments over time. APG is using the results of the annual GRESB survey to engage with its investments.

Concerning new investments in non-listed Real Estate, participation of the investment in the annual GRESB-survey for the full holding period of our investment is mandatory. To the extent that the investment does not achieve an above average GRESB score, the manager agrees to work in good faith with APG to identify and to implement agreed upon strategies designed to improve the future performance within the GRESB benchmark and achieve an above average score within a period of [3] years. For most investments we go beyond this minimum criteria.  We selectively work with some of our unlisted real estate partners to undertake efforts to improve sustainability performance at the asset-level. With some our listed RE investments we also provide feedback on issues we believe that they need to address better. We influence relevant investor - property forums and groups (this could be via INREV / ANREV / APREA / GRESB relevant committees and through relevant speaking events to influence thinking in the sector).