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Sparda-Bank Muenchen eG

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Promoting responsible investment

SG 09. Collaborative organisations / initiatives

09.1. Select the collaborative organisation and/or initiatives of which your organisation is a member or in which it participated during the reporting year, and the role you played.

Select all that apply

Your organisation’s role in the initiative during the reporting period (see definitions)

Provide a brief commentary on the level of your organisation’s involvement in the initiative. [Optional]


Your organisation’s role in the initiative during the reporting year (see definitions)

Provide a brief commentary on the level of your organisation’s involvement in the initiative. [Optional]

We are the first and to date only Bank in Germany publishing a "Gemeinwohl-Bilanz". We actively support the initiative´s idea and consequently evaluate all our economic actions and decisions based on the following questions: Does this serve the people? Does this benefit the environment? Does this contribute to peace?

We are part of the pioneering companies since we started publishing our first "Gemeinwohl-Bericht" in 2011. Our CEO, Helmut Lind, is an ambassador of the "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie". Christine Miedl, responsible for Communication at Sparda-Bank München eG, functions voluntarily as a spokesperson at events and/or conferences since autumn 2018.

The former CEO is also an ambassador of the "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie".

SG 09.2. Assets managed by PRI signatories

Indicate approximately what percentage (+/- 5%) of your externally managed assets under management are managed by PRI signatories.

100 %

SG 10. Promoting RI independently

10.1. Indicate if your organisation promotes responsible investment, independently of collaborative initiatives.

10.2. Indicate the actions your organisation has taken to promote responsible investment independently of collaborative initiatives. Provide a description of your role in contributing to the objectives of the selected action and the typical frequency of your participation/contribution.


          We try to talk about the importance of sustainability in our networks and initiatives (on the level of the Federal Government, European Comission, “Zukunftsrat der Sparda-Banken Gruppe“), at conferences and events as well as on every occasion where we meet other persons and institutions. We do not only focus on general exchange and discussions but we really aim to persuade others who has not started to act sustainably. We tell them what responsible investment means to us and which economic advantage this could bring to them.

Frequency of contribution


          Mr. Quast is regularly speaking on industry events like, and so on.
ESG issues are regularly an important part of the discussion.

Frequency of contribution


          Talked to many institutions and foundations to encourage them to sign the PRI.

Frequency of contribution

10.3. Describe any additional actions and initiatives that your organisation has taken part in during the reporting year to promote responsible investment [Optional]

The guiding principle for our company is that customers (and also we ourselves) should not only understand the content of favoured investments, but also be able to take responsibility for them.

Therefore, it is an essential part of our long-term strategy and our self-perception to not only manage our own assets in a sustainable way but also to offer sustainable investment options to our clients. To meet that claim step by step, we regularly come together with representatives from Union Investment to discuss and develop new sustainable investment options for clients. Union Investment is our business partner in the field of private investment options for our clients and market leader in the sector of sustainable investment funds in Germany. The company also signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Since Februrary 2019, we are able to offer the sustainability fund 'PrivatFonds: Nachaltig' to our clients.

Due to our conviction of our orientation towards the 'Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie', we will continue to work intensively on adequate solutions for sustainable investments.

SG 11. Dialogue with public policy makers or standard setters

11.1. Indicate if your organisation - individually or in collaboration with others - conducted dialogue with public policy makers or regulators in support of responsible investment in the reporting year.

If yes

11.2. Select the methods you have used.

11.3. Where you have made written submissions (individually or collaboratively) to governments and regulatory authorities, indicate if these are publicly available.

11.4. Provide a brief description of the main topics your organisation has engaged with public policy-makers or regulators on.

We have talked to members of

- The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (=Bundesregierung)

- The Parliament of the Federal Republik of Germany (=Bundestag)

- The European Commission


These talks were initiated and conducted by our CEO.