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BT Pension Scheme

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Implementation processes

FI 01. Incorporation strategies applied

Indicate (1) Which ESG incorporation strategy and/or combination of strategies you apply to your actively managed fixed income investments; and (2) The proportion (+/- 5%) of your total actively managed fixed income investments each strategy applies to.
0 Screening alone
0 Thematic alone
100 Integration alone
0 Screening + integration strategies
0 Thematic + integration strategies
0 Screening + thematic strategies
0 All three strategies combined
0 No incorporation strategies applied

01.2. Describe your reasons for choosing a particular ESG incorporation strategy and how combinations of strategies are used.

The Scheme's approach to ESG within fixed income is aligned with its overall approach of integrating financially material environmental, social and governance factors into the Scheme's investment process, including in the design of investment mandates, new manager searches and ongoing monitoring of managers. The Scheme also is a strong proponent of stewardship and engagement.

01.3. Additional information [Optional].

FI 02. ESG issues and issuer research (Private)

FI 03. Processes to ensure analysis is robust

03.1. Indicate how you ensure that your ESG research process is robust:

specify description

          The Scheme's external managers maintain an up to date issuer level financially material ESG information in addition to Hermes EOS records on engagement

03.2. Describe how your ESG information or analysis is shared among your investment team.

          Our service provider Hermes EOS provides us with insights from its engagement through its client portal. External managers make the information available upon request

03.3. Additional information. [Optional]