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NewAlpha Asset Management

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Asset class implementation gateway indicators

OO 10. Active ownership practices for listed assets

10.1. Select the active ownership activities your organisation implemented in the reporting year.

Listed equity – engagement

Listed equity – voting

10.3. Indicate why you do not cast your votes

NewAlpha is a fund of funds manager with some of its investment vehicles dedicated to Listed Equity funds. As such, NewAlpha does not directly manage Listed Equity funds. 

OO 11. ESG incorporation practices for all assets

11.1. Select the internally managed asset classes in which you addressed ESG incorporation into your investment decisions and/or your active ownership practices (during the reporting year).

Private equity

Select the externally managed assets classes in which you and/or your investment consultants address ESG incorporation in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes.
Asset class
ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes
Listed equity

Listed equity - ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes

Hedge funds

Hedge funds - ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes

11.4. Provide a brief description of how your organisation includes responsible investment considerations in your investment manager selection, appointment and monitoring processes.

- SELECTION NewAlpha's fund selection process includes an extensive due diligence (questionnaires and on-site visit). This due diligence includes a segment dedicated to the application of ESG criteria and SRI logic implementation efforts. This part was developed with the help of La Française (NewAlpha's main shareholder and active member of the PRI), as well as some of the tools made available by the PRI (Hedge Fund DDQ).

- APPOINTMENT As of today, NewAlpha has not implemented responsible investment considerations in the structuring of its investment deals with investment managers. However, NewAlpha is currently finalizing a partnership with EthiFinance (an extra-financial analysis and consulting agency specializing in the management of risks and opportunities related to sustainable development - to create an ESG scoring chart for each investment firm going through NewAlpha's selection process. In the event of the selection process being completed, each investment firm will contractually commit to maintaining and improving this scoring.

- MONITORING NewAlpha currently monitors responsible investment considerations for over 25% of its externally managed AUM, through the calculation of the EcoSocial Footprint of its Emergence Actions fund, via a partnership with La Financière Responsable, as well as the calculation of the Carbon Footprint of its Emergence Actions II fund, with La Française Inflection Point proprietary methodology. With its planned partnership with EthiFinance (see above), NewAlpha will start monitoring between 50 and 80% of its total AUM (externally and internally managed) in the coming year

NewAlpha implements a responsible investment approach. 
This approach is materialized at different stages of the investment process:
- Integration of ESG criteria in the selection of both management companies and funds;
- Raising the awareness of accelerated companies and assisting them in implementing an ESG action plan;
- Production of extra-financial reporting on selected funds;
- Evaluating the impact of the investments made on the progress of the selected managers on ESG issues using key measurable indicators.

This approach has been in place for several years and tends to be reinforced each year. Some key dates :
- 2016: inclusion of ESG questions in proprietary due diligence questionnaires;
- 2017: signature of the PRIs and first extra-financial reporting on the EMERGENCE SICAV with the Eco Social Footprint in cooperation with La Financière Responsable (company accelerated by Emergence).
- 2018: publication of a CSR charter.

OO 12. Modules and sections required to complete

12.1. Below are all applicable modules or sections you may report on. Those which are mandatory to report (asset classes representing 10% or more of your AUM) are already ticked and read-only. Those which are voluntary to report on can be opted into by ticking the box.

Core modules

RI implementation directly or via service providers

Direct - Other asset classes with dedicated modules

RI implementation via external managers

Indirect - Selection, Appointment and Monitoring of External Managers

Closing module

12.2. Additional information. [Optional]