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Caja Ingenieros Gestión SGIIC, SAU

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. 組織が採用している内部または外部の役割、ならびにそれぞれの責任投資に対する監督責任および実施責任の有無について明示してください。




07.2. RIの監督/説明責任または実施責任を担う役職について、このような責任をどのように果たすのか記載してください。

Caja Ingenieros Gestión has a hierarchical structure that begins at the top of the pyramid with the board of directors that supervises all the activities carried out by the company and also reviews the relevant changes and procedures of the organization.

At least quarterly, the ISR Committee meets, reporting directly to the CEO and the Board of Directors. From these meetings, the main lines of action for the coming months will emerge, the investment decisions to be made and the position of the entity in relation to the aspects of responsible investment.

Directly depending on it, our structure is divided into three main areas, the investment department where we find all the portfolio managers, the control and compliance department that focuses on compliance with regulatory standards and the supervision of investment policies of funds and, finally, the administration department, which as a back office department focuses on the valuation of the funds and the statistical information it reports on them.

More specifically related to our internal ISR process structure, the internal committee that we have is made up of one member from each of the departments described above and informed the CEO to make the final decisions to invest in some companies according to our model.

Annually, or quarterly if necessary, the ESG Committee informs the Board of Directors with the main policies followed during the year, the incidents detected and future projects to be developed.

07.3. 組織にいる専任の責任投資担当者の人数を記載してください。


07.4. 補足情報 [任意]

The ISR team is made up of the same members who attend the ESG committee, that is, 8.
From one side; It is made up of 3 ESG managers.
On the other hand, a member of the Backoffice department, another of the control department, together with the director of regulatory compliance, who organizes and chairs the ISR committees.
Finally, we have the support of the investment director together with the general director of the firm for decision-making, that is, the managers, who present decisions based on ESG.

SG 07 CC. Climate-issues roles and responsibilities

07.5 CC. 気候関連問題について監視、説明責任および/または管理責任をもつ組織の役職を示してください。






07.6 CC. 気候関連の問題の監督/説明責任または実施責任がある取締役会レベルの役職については、これらの責任の遂行方法を説明してください

The responsibility of the Board of Directors and the CEO is to oversee the development of commitments on climate change, provide new solutions to implement improvements, evolution of the carbon footprint and communication with the social environment of the importance of moving towards decarbonization of the economy.

07.7 CC. 気候関連の問題を評価し管理する管理レベルの役職については、その構造とプロセスを詳しく説明してください。

The structure of Caja Ingenieros Gestión is exactly the same that we mentioned in the point SG07.2 before. Additionally, during the reporting year we've included our fund related with climate change in the ESG internal ISR Committee which is composed by a member of each departament and reported to the CEO to take the final investment decision according to our ESG processes model.

In this committee, sustainability metrics especially related to climate change are evaluated, which leads to investment decisions that aim to reduce the impact, especially in ESG-type strategies. Additionally, a follow-up of the collaborations and engagements made is made, as well as the publication of the Montreal Pledge report.


SG 08. RI in performance management, reward and/or personal development (Private)