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Fiera Capital Corporation

PRI reporting framework 2020

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LEA 01. Description of approach to engagement

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          Collaborative Engagement is generally described as a sub-section of Active Ownership.

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Proxy voting is a key element of Fiera Capital’s integration of ESG factors in its investment process. We exercise our voting rights in order to maintain the highest standard of corporate governance and sustainability of the business and practices of the companies whose shares are held. High standards are necessary for maximizing shareholder value as well as protecting the economic interest of shareholders.

We believe the value of engagement is best derived from direct dialogue with companies in which we invest or with service providers that we utilize. As such, we allow our investment teams to implement engagement practices they deem most appropriate to their investment style. When meeting with companies, portfolio managers may address ESG issues: on a proactive basis, to raise awareness on such issues with companies within their portfolio; or on a reactive basis, to raise issues that have already occurred in order to understand how management is or has addressed them. Ongoing dialogue extends beyond short-term financial metrics and earnings to management’s long-term strategy, and may include considerations such as firm culture, sustainability, governance practices and disclosure. We encourage companies to recognize the importance of ESG factors and support their efforts to improve transparency and disclosure of their approach and performance as they relate to material ESG issues. In addition to engaging with companies, we engage with financial market service providers to encourage the implementation of responsible investing practices. 


Additional Information and examples from Fiera Capital USA:

We recognize the use of shareholder power to influence corporate behavior, including through direct corporate engagement (i.e., communicating with senior management and/or boards of companies), filing or co-filing shareholder proposals, and proxy voting that is guided by ESG guidelines.  As a result we have begun direct communication with companies on ESG matters during our investor calls and have inquired and in some cases educated private equity managers including hedge funds.  The main focus has been on raising awareness of obtaining ESG related disclosures in public company filings.

Engagement can also be defined as collaboration with other investors and to accomplish this objective, in the U.S., Judy Wesalo Temel, Senior Vice President, Director of Credit Research, Fixed Income Investments, presented Municipal Impact & ESG at Institute for Private Investors’ Winter Forum as well as at the Fixed Income Trading and Investment Conference on the topic of Investing with a clear conscious: Best practice and tangible benefits of ESG investment.   Mrs. Temel also presented at the MIT Impact Investment Initiative of the Investment Management Club at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Topics covered at these events include:

  • Municipal ESG and the municipal market in general
  • Overview of ESG investments, Trump effect and why it is a good time to explore ESG investments
  • Understanding the value of ESG research and what it brings to the investment process
  • How to start incorporating sustainability metrics in your portfolio
  • Increasing transparency and reducing risks through ESG investment