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Blue Harbour Group, L.P. (Delisted)

PRI reporting framework 2020

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LEA 02. Reasoning for interaction on ESG issues


02.4. 補足情報[任意]

We engage directly with our portfolio companies.  We have had numerous back and forth discussions with our companies seeking data on their ESG programs and policies.  We use this data as part of our investment decision making process.  We also provide feedback and support to our companies.  Sometimes we may be seeking to change their policies or procedures with regard to ESG. Sometimes we may be helping them better report or disclose existing policies and procedures.  An example in human capital management, might include asking for relevant metrics such as turnover rates, engagement scores, or health and safety data.  We would then consider this in the context of the industry, for example, how does the company's turnover compare with peers.  We may then suggest disclosure of this information as part of the company's ESG strategy.

LEA 03. Process for identifying and prioritising engagement activities


03.1. 貴社にはエンゲージメントを特定し、優先順位を付けるための正式な手順がありますか。



03.3. 補足情報 [任意]

Because we are engaging with each company, we establish a list of the most material ESG factors.  This is related specifically to the business model of the portfolio company.  We may also vary the number and degree of our engagements with a company based on its size in our portfolio.  We also have ESG conscious clients that may ask for assistance engaging with one of our portfolio companies.

LEA 04. Objectives for engagement activities


04.2. 補足情報 [任意]

LEA 05. Process for identifying and prioritising collaborative engagement


05.3. 補足情報[任意]

LEA 06. Role in engagement process

06.1. エンゲージメントが不首尾に終わった場合のエスカレーション戦略があるか示してください。

06.2. 不首尾に終わったエンゲージメントの後に貴社が用いるエスカレーション戦略を示してください。

          We can escalate from a discussion with management, to a discussion with some directors, to seeking a meeting with the full board.

06.3. 補足情報 [任意]

Because we are a meaningful shareholder, these direct discussions can be effective.  We have also joined the board in several cases where we can directly influence policy.

LEA 07. Share insights from engagements with internal/external managers

07.1. 貴社のエンゲージメントから得た知見を投資意思決定者と共有しているか示してください。



07.2. エンゲージメントにより得た情報および知見を投資意思決定者と確実に共有するために用いている慣行を示してください。

          The investment decision makers are the ones doing the engagement.

07.3. 貴社のエンゲージメントから得た知見を顧客/受益者と共有しているか示してください。


07.4. 補足情報[任意]

We are the investment manager of our funds; we do not use external managers.  The people conducting the engagement with investments are also the same ones making the buy and sell decisions, so the same core team has all the information.  Our clients will ask us from time to time about particular ESG issues impacting a certain company or industry or ask about insights we have gained from our diligence process and from our ongoing engagements with management teams and boards. We also provide a more systematic discussion of ESG to our clients once per year where we may discuss specific engagements with companies and broader insight gained from our analysis of the ESG landscape.

LEA 08. Tracking number of engagements

08.1. 貴社がエンゲージメントの数を追跡しているかどうかを記載してください。


08.2. 補足情報[任意]

As described earlier, we are engaged with all of our core portfolio companies.  We have regular internal dialogues concerning the status of our interactions with companies and track items like next steps in a regular report distributed weekly.  We track all one on one and small group meetings with the management teams and directors of our current and prospective portfolio companies in a log that is maintained by the Chief Compliance Officer. Because engagement is so central to our investment process, these engagements are part of our weekly discussion of the portfolio.