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Vinci Partners Investimentos Ltda.

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PE 09. Proportion of companies monitored on their ESG performance

09.1. 組織がポートフォリオ構成企業の投資モニタリングにESG問題を組み入れているかどうかを明示してください。

09.2. 報告年度のポートフォリオ構成企業の中で、投資のモニタリングにESGパフォーマンスを組み入れた割合を記載してください。


09.3. 組織が通常目標(KPIなど)を設定し、モニタリングしているESG問題を記載し、問題別に例を挙げてください。




          Ensure that 100% of our portfolio companies comply with environmental laws and regulations and have the necessary permits to operate

例2 (optional)


例3 (optional)




          Ensure that 100% of portfolio companies respects the rights of workers and comply with relevant labor laws and regulations

例2 (optional)


例3 (optional)




          Implement board of directors in all companies that we invest

例2 (optional)

          Establish Code of Conduct/Ethics in all companies we invest

例3 (optional)


09.4. 補足情報 [任意]

In 2019 we improved our monitoring and reporting mechanisms of our ESAP and metrics, following conversations with IFC (our LP investor) to address their new policy requirements. First report will focused only on ESG themes be issued during the first semester of 2020

PE 10. Proportion of portfolio companies with sustainability policy

10.1. 組織がESG/サステナビリティに関連するポリシー(または同様のガイドライン)を有するポートフォリオ構成企業の割合を追跡しているかどうかを記載してください。

10.2. ESG/サステナビリティポリシー(または同様のガイドライン)を有するポートフォリオ構成企業の割合を記載してください。


10.3. 補足情報 [任意]

All our portfolio companies have a Governance Policy and guidelines regarding the compliance with Brazilian legislation, including its environmental and social aspects. In 2019, we started to  track a few KPIs (2-3 for each dimension) to assess current situation and future improvements

PE 11. Actions taken by portfolio companies to incorporate ESG issues into operations

11.1. ポートフォリオ構成企業がESG問題を業務に組み入れるため実施している対策の種類およびこれらの活動を実施しているポートフォリオ企業の割合を記載してください。



11.2. ポートフォリオ構成企業のリソーシングとESG問題の管理に組織がどのように貢献しているかを説明してください。

We are active investors and participate in board meetings and internal committees, bringing best practices and sharing knowledge from our experience in other companies. As such, we believe that we contribute to the continuous improvement of the ESG management in our portfolio companies.

In addition, during the ESG DD phase, we identify potential improvement opportunities in ESG related issues, that become actions in the ESAP, that are than monitored on a regular basis after we take control of the company

Starting in 2019, we appointed one senior executive at each portfolio company to be the person responsible for ESG in all of our VCP III companies. This person will have to report to Vinci Partners, on a quarterly basis, the KPIs that have been defined. We started with 7 KPIs (covering environmental, social and governance themes) and will evolve in the future.

PE 12. Type and frequency of reports received from portfolio companies

12.1. ポートフォリオ企業に請求するESG問題に関する報告書の種類および頻度、報告書を受領する頻度を記載してください。


標準的な報告頻度 ​

12.2. ポートフォリオ企業に対し、どの程度の報告を要求しているか説明してください。また、ESG報告が対象としている資産の割合を示してください。 [任意]

We have a special attention to labor related issues and monitor that on a regular basis in the board meetings. Other aspects are monitored on an ad-hoc basis if any issue or concern appears. Depending on the sector of the portfolio company, other metrics are monitored on regular basis, depending on the nature of the activity of the portfolio company.

Starting in 2019, we now track 7 KPIs on a quarterly basis:

1) Percentage of recycled solid waste;
2) Total water consumption (m3);
3) Number of labor accidents;
4) Percentage of women in leadership position
5) Existence of code of conduct and ethics;
6) Socio-environmental policy or sustainability report

7) Employee or committee in charge of ESG issues

PE 13. Disclosure of ESG issues in pre-exit

13.1. 報告年度に、プライベートエクイティ投資をエグジットする前に、組織がESG問題に関する情報を潜在的な買い手に開示したかどうかを記載してください。

13.2. 開示以外に、エグジット時に組織がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを説明してください。

Both potential issues (e.g. legal claims, law suits, etc.. ) and cases of positive ESG related initiatives (e.g. water treatment stations, water reuse projects, etc...) are disclosured in the material provided to the potential buyer.

13.3. 補足情報 [任意]

In general, Vinci Partners has developed a strong reputation for being an ethical and credible partner. This is a result of our posture with different stakeholders during not only our 10 years of existence, but also during the whole professional life of our founding partners