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Eaton Vance Corp.

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 05. RI goals and objectives

05.1. 組織が責任投資活動に関して目的を設定して見直しを行っているかどうか、および、行っている場合にはその頻度を記載してください。

05.2. 補足情報 [任意]

For EVC, the Responsible Investing Leadership Team provides oversight on the integration of ESG considerations. The team includes selected equity and fixed income chief investment officers from various Eaton Vance affiliates, Calvert's chief executive officer and other senior investment leaders. The team meets quarterly to discuss emerging developments and to track progress as it relates to responsible investing and ESG integration.

In addition, the Research Working Group, whose membership consists of selected analysts and portfolio managers from our affiliates representing diverse investment strategies and multiple office locations across the globe. The group meets monthly to discuss new ESG information and best practices, and reports to the Responsible Investing Leadership Team at least quarterly.

Calvert's Responsible Research Review Committee (3RC) meets at least monthly and on an ad hoc basis as necessary. The 3RC has oversight of ESG research processes, engagement and advocacy activities, among other responsibilities. The Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment are reviewed periodically. Calvert's Global Proxy Voting Guidelines are reviewed annually.

Parametric's Responsible Investing Team sets objectives annually and meets monthly to review progress towards objectives.

SG 06. Main goals/objectives this year

06.1. 報告年度に組織として設定している責任投資の主な目的を挙げてください。



          Educational Sessions/Certifications



  • Implemented an enhanced ESG analyst development program regarding core competencies
  • Conducted ongoing due diligence with existing and new ESG vendors
  • Participated in external ESG speaking engagement and attended conferences
  • One ESG research analysts completed SASB's Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential


  • Ongoing due diligence with existing and new ESG vendrs
  • Participation in external ESG speaking engagement and attended conferences
  • Conducted meetings on a monthly basis to train and update sales personnel on ESG-related activities
  • Offered responsible investing training to all internal departments
  • Published blogs discussing responsible investing topics on a monthly basis

Eaton Vance Management 

  • Granted access to Calvert’s robust proprietary research system
  • Created a portal to help portfolio manager and analysts synthesize Calvert ESG research
  • Calvert's Director of Research and analysts train EVM’s fundamental analysts and portfolio managers on both the tools and research
  • Encouraged analysts and portfolio managers to actively communicate with their ESG counterparts on material ESG issues

Atlanta Capital

  • Ongoing due diligence with existing and new ESG vendors
  • Participated in ESG speaking engagement and conferences
  • Two PMs completed SASB's Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential
  • Conducted ESG sales training


          Successful engagements / Increased awareness


Calvert created an new engagement manual that has been reviewed by each department at Calvert. This manual guides all aspect of our engagement process.

Parametric's Responsible Investing team created a proposal regarding future Engagement efforts that was presented and approved by the Stewardship Committee in January 2020. This plan is outlined as a two-prong approach: a letter writing campaign and direct engagement with target companies. Proxy voting will also align with topics covered in engagement efforts. Attended Council of Institutional Investor calls and conferences

Eaton Vance Management's and Atlanta Capital's analysts continue to collaborated with their Calvert counterparts and discussed engagement best practices.


          Improved collaboration and communication


In 2019 Calvert continued to support ESG integration in investment process of their parent firm Eaton Vance Management. These steps include (1) aligning investment research sector coverage among ESG research and fundamental research teams to facilitate collaboration; (2) sharing Calvert ESG research with EV fundamental investment teams; and (3) collaborating on company engagement and other external events and conferences to ensure ESG topics are incorporated in external communications.

Parametric has strengthened their internal communication of ESG activities across the organization. For example, Parametric provides it's distribution team with structured monthly updates regarding Parametric's activities for internal purposes. Parametric ESG team also began regular in-person meetings with teams, including Eaton Vance specialists at the enterprise-level, to facilitate cross-sharing of ESG insights and research.

In 2019, Eaton Vance Management, Atlanta Capital and Calvert continued to integrate ESG research and fundamental research teams to facilitate collaboration.


          Direct dialogue


Calvert created an Engagement Manual to better prepare engagements with companies. Calvert engaged in productive dialogue with companies on several ESG issues/topics -

  • Gun control
  • Climate change and clean energy
  • Clean water
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Diversity

During 2019, the Parametric Responsible Investing team worked on an Engagement plan proposal to put in place for 2020. This plan was presented to the Stewardship Committee at their meeting in January 2020. The plan was approved at that meeting and is underway.

Eaton Vance Management and Atlanta Capital employees contine to collaborated with their Calvert counterparts on various engagement efforts.


          Quality research / Due diligence and thoughtfulness


Calvert's ESG research team conducts deep, proprietary research to identify ESG risks for each sector/industry/sub-industry that are likely to influence the financial performance and societal outcomes (i.e., "financially material ESG risks"). The research team's industry specific models help identify material ESG risks to understand management intentionality, assess business impact and review management performance. Calvert ESG research analysis feeds into fundamental investment research processes.

Parametric's investment team members participate in ongoing ESG trainings and regularly attended webinars, calls, and conferences organized by other entities to strengthen their collective understanding of emerging ESG trends and issues. This type of ongoing education, coupled with the constant exchange of information contribute to improved capabilities in addressing clients' ESG incorporation goals through the portfolio construction process.




          Improve ESG characteristics through integration


Parametric manages domestic and international versions of ESG integrated strategies that aim to overweight companies that have favorable Environmental, Social, and Governance characteristics.


          Improve ESG characteristics through integration and screening


Parametric manages domestic and international versions of ESG integrated strategies that aim to overweight companies that have favorable Environmental, Social, and Governance characteristics. In addition, Parametric offers an ESG ratings-based screen which excludes companies that score in the bottom quartile of their peer group, thereby seeking to improve the ESG score of the overall portfolio


          Provided tools that enable clients to monitor the carbon footprint of the companies that they invest in and adjust their holdings accordingly.


Parametric offers a number of climate-based screens to help clients who seek to reduce their carbon footprint, topics include eliminating companies who own fossil fuel reserves or produce heavy carbon emissions.



          Influence companies and investors to improve corporate sustainability and disclosure


In 2019, Calvert continued to push for improved corporate sustainability and disclosure in multiple ways, including:

​Publishing a robust sustainability report can help to demonstrate a company's awareness of business risks and opportunities as well as its programs to manage its exposure. As companies strive to translate the concept of sustainability into practice and measure their performance, this has created a growing demand for broadly accepted sustainability performance indicators and reporting guidelines.

Calvert had dialogue with several other companies about ESG disclosure broadly. As an active member of the Investor Advisory Group of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Calvert engaged three companies to encourage disclosure to SASB standards.

Parametric has an affiliation with the following organizations: Ceres; Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR); and Council of Institutional Investors.


          Corporate outreach


Calvert works with the 30% Coalition, a collaboration between corporations, investors and advocacy groups. As of June 2019, the investor members represented $6 trillion in assets under management. The group issued a call to action to companies asking them to proactively strengthen governance policies by:

  • Embedding a commitment to diversity, inclusive of gender and race/ethnicity.
  • Including women and minorities in candidate pools for selecting board nominees and senior corporate leaders.

Calvert continues to reach out to companies, investors and other influencers to share their ideas and vision for moving forward across a variety of venues and locations to encourage the support of mechanisms such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) that provide better information on the real impact companies are having on people and the planet.


          Case Study


The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) released the report of the 2019 NACD Blue Ribbon Commission initiative; Calvert is a member, Fit for the Future: An Urgent Imperative for Board Leadership.

The NACD leadership recognizes that successful corporate governance and board leadership must adapt to the rapidly changing operating environment and competitive landscape that makes the concept "the only constant is change" a reality across industries. This is an ambitious report, calling not for adjustments, but for a different modus operandi from the prevailing board governance model.

The NACD represents more than 20,000 board members, who are appropriately interested in understanding how best to navigate the many intensifying business changes that our current landscape presents. Many of these changes involve environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, as boards are increasingly developing or enhancing plans to deal with rapidly evolving expectations for the role corporations play in society, especially related to environmental and social issues; entirely new competitive threats from rapidly growing companies in China, Taiwan, Korea, India and other countries; data privacy and cybersecurity threats from internal and external vectors, and the changing cultural demands of a more diverse and tech-savvy workforce.


          Engagement Report Released / Publication of Investor Challenges


​Calvert released Tools of Change in 2018, which provided an overview of shareholder engagement initiatives conducted, including:

  • Gave voice to shareholders via proxy voting,  support issues that we believe improve a company's long-term health as well as the society and environment in which it operates
  • Filed or cofiled 16 shareholder resolutions, 13 were withdrawn after successful dialogue, 1 withdrawn due to the company being acquired, and 2 proposals went to a vote
  • Oversaw two resolutions that went to a vote at the annual meeting both received a majority of shareholder votes
  • Engaged in direct dialogue with selected companies on issues that included gun control, climate change, clean energy and clean water
  • Collaborated with coalitions and partners to further amplify Calvert's shareholders' voices and work for positive change

Parametric created "Investor Challenges" to detail cases that represent our ability to implement a diverse set of responsible investing values into client portfolios. These examples showcase real client experiences and walk through solutions Parametric has created to meet client objectives.

Parametric Investor Challenges and client engagement efforts are marketed to clients and are available upon request.

06.2. 補足情報 [任意]

EVC's affiliates offers mandated Responsible Investment products through Calvert, Parametric and Atlanta Capital

While many of our responses are tied to Calvert, since Calvert has been a leader in responsible investment for many years, Parametric also has long-standing and well-established portfolio management practices that allow it to incorporate ESG considerations into any separately managed equity portfolio per client request. Through our affiliate model, portfolio managers and fundamental analysts have access to leading proprietary ESG research conducted by Calvert's ESG analysts.

Please note the answers above reflect EVC's affiliates Calvert and Parametric. Together, these affiliates represent more than half of EVC's assets under management.