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Patrimonium Asset Management AG

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 11. Proportion of developments and refurbishments where ESG issues were considered

11.1. 実施中の不動産開発および大規模改築の中で、ESG問題が考慮されている割合を示してください。


11.2. 組織の不動産の開発および大規模改築において、以下のESGが通常検討され、モニタリングされているかを明示してください。

11.3. 補足情報 [任意]

All of our developments and major renovation already have a good ESG performance. In our development project, water and energy efficiency is always required. We also install solar panels for the production renewable energy. We use certified and sustainable construction materials like wood and paintings without solvent as much as possible. Our managers and contractors have been given the task to drive improvements in property sustainability performance and we ask them to comply with sustainable guidelines. As an asset management company, we have a fiduciary duty and are interested in an economic benefit. Many ESG issues have a positive impact on our investment performance: the selection of assets in proximity to urban centers and energy saving methods when constructing/renovating, greening roofs and parks etc. attract tenants and lower the risk of vacancy. Furthermore, we feel that the awareness for ESG is also rising on the investor site.