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Patrimonium Asset Management AG

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Promoting responsible investment

SG 09. Collaborative organisations / initiatives

09.1. Select the collaborative organisation and/or initiatives of which your organisation is a member or in which it participated during the reporting year, and the role you played.

Select all that apply

Your organisation’s role in the initiative during the reporting period (see definitions)

Provide a brief commentary on the level of your organisation’s involvement in the initiative. [Optional]

We are a member of the UNPRI and committed to the six Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

SG 09.2. Assets managed by PRI signatories (Not Applicable)

SG 10. Promoting RI independently

10.1. Indicate if your organisation promotes responsible investment, independently of collaborative initiatives.

10.2. Indicate the actions your organisation has taken to promote responsible investment independently of collaborative initiatives. Provide a description of your role in contributing to the objectives of the selected action and the typical frequency of your participation/contribution.


          Communication with co-investors and service providers and discussing RI issues with them, raise the topic of RI with them.

Frequency of contribution


          This was done at RE events such as construction/building fairs (Baumesse) in which we promoted sustainable building (2000 Watt Area certificate, éco 21, Microgrid, oneliving).

Frequency of contribution


          We encourage the adoption of responsible investment at meetings with other investment professionals (e.g. at credit lender meetings, industry conferences) or recently also via interviews or press articles (e.g. DACH Fundraising Report 2020 in Unquote, an Acuris Company

Frequency of contribution

10.3. Describe any additional actions and initiatives that your organisation has taken part in during the reporting year to promote responsible investment [Optional]

Private Debt: We declined financing requests due to the current situation of a company because they were not compatible with our understanding of RI. We encouraged the companies to come back when they improved the situation.

Furthermore, we have an ESG-questionnaire to be completed yearly by our borrowers. In this questionnaire, there is a question whether the companies are UNPRI members. By posing the question we raise the awareness for the PRI and encourage their adoption.

Real Estate: Our Real Estate staff speaks publicly about sustainable building at events such as the building/construction fair (Baumesse). Especially, our 2000 Watt quarter was highlighted in several speeches. This is a quarter with especially low energy costs and constructed to high sustainability standards (further details in the Property module).

In Real Estate, we make sure that the working conditions on the construction sites are controlled in order to ensure the social aspect of ESG. We communicate clearly with our service providers that good working conditions are important for us.

SG 11. Dialogue with public policy makers or standard setters (Not Completed)