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Acumen LatAm Impact Ventures LLC

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Pre-investment (selection)

PE 05. Incorporating ESG issues when selecting investments

05.1. During due-diligence indicate if your organisation typically incorporates ESG issues when selecting private equity investments.

05.2. Describe your organisation`s approach to incorporating ESG issues in private equity investment selection.

During our due diligence process, we positively select for companies that have a significant social impact on their suppliers or clients (depending on the sector).  This is a pre-requisite for ALCP to be able to consider an investment. In addition, during the due diligence process, we conduct a full ESG assessment based on a framework developed internally, which incorporates IFC's ESG Performance Standards. 

05.3. Additional information. [Optional]

PE 06. Types of ESG information considered in investment selection

06.1. Indicate what type of ESG information your organisation typically considers during your private equity investment selection process.

06.2. Describe how this information is reported to, considered and documented by the Investment Committee or similar.

ALCP has created an ESG framework based on IFC's Performance Standards. The information above is collected to conduct an ESG assessment based on ALCP's framework.  The results of the assessment, including a low/medium/high risk categorization for each dimension of the framework, are summarized and included in the investment memorandum presented to the Investment Committee. 

PE 07. Encouraging improvements in investees (Private)

PE 08. ESG issues impact in selection process (Private)