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PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 07. ESG issues in selection, appointment and monitoring of third-party property managers

07.1. 組織が第三者のプロパティマネジメント会社の選定、指名、モニタリングにESG問題を含めているかどうかを記載してください。

07.3. あなたの組織における第三者プロパティマネジメント会社の選定・指名・モニタリングの状況およびこれらが不動産投資に係るESG問題の管理にどのように役立っているかについて簡潔に説明して下さい。

Empira worked across the board with property managers whose services and qualities have been proven over several years of cooperation. The very close cooperation between the external property manager and our in-house asset management ensures that our ESG criterias can be met or controlled by EMPIRA at any time. Our main concern, and consequently our highest criterion for the property manager, is to treat the tenant with respect and to show the highest level of professionalism towards the tenant.  
Through regular exchange between our in-house asset management and the property manager, the following value-adding criteria are discussed and assessed: 

- Design of efficient usage and operating concepts to optimise the operating and maintenance costs of the properties under management (e.g. reduction of the properties' energy consumption)
- Implementation of strategic construction measures for a targeted increase in efficiency in order to reduce energy costs for properties and to increase the comfort of tenants
- Optimisation of the properties in terms of mobility, including environmentally friendly logistics (e.g. car sharing, electrical connections for electric vehicles)
- Reduction of emissions from the properties
- Rental pricing not only oriented to the market situation but also to the affordability of the local population
- Sustainable disposal and recycling

EMPIRA is committed to maintaining and further developing this close cooperation between in-house asset management and external property management, so that EMPIRA can have the greatest possible influence on quality. This enables EMPIRA to control and continuously improve performance and quality for our tenants.